5 Unique Hardware Solutions for the Kitchen

Today in the Sugatsune Blog, we’re looking at getting the most out of corner cabinets, hinging wide cabinet doors effectively, addressing door warpage, and conveniently lifting and folding countertop panels and shelves, Sugatsune America has innovating hardware solutions for solving classic challenges in both residential and commercial kitchens.

All of the hardware we’re showcasing here today was also featured at our booth in the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in 2023 in Las Vegas. For more information on these and other products for residential and commercial kitchens and bathrooms, check out our KBIS 2023 Digital Booklet (PDF file).

The LIN-X Series Lateral-Opening Door System

Getting the most out of corner cabinets is one of those perennial challenges in kitchen design. It’s actually two challenges: 1) delivering convenient user access to the contents of the corner cabinet, and 2) keeping the cabinet doors themselves from getting in the way of the user’s access to the cabinet.

In terms of the second challenge, getting the most out of corner cabinets is all about getting the doors out of the way and keeping them there. Traditional swinging cabinet doors inevitably fall short in this, leading to a variety of exotic door designs over the decades—some more practical than others.

At Sugatsune, we’ve developed a convincing solution for getting the most out of corner cabinets: the LIN-X Series Lateral-Opening Door System, one of our premier lateral opening door hardware solutions.

A Multi-Adjustable Soft-Close Hinge

Utilizing our MonoFlat LIN-X Hinge®, and available in both regular-duty (LIN-X450) and heavy-duty (LIN-X600) versions, the LIN-X Series for Cabinets brings together numerous Sugatsune door system solutions into one space-efficient package for getting the most out of corner cabinets:

  • The lateral opening mechanism conserves space by swinging the door out laterally on a tight radius, as though you had picked up the door and scooted it to the left or right. No rails are required.
  • The mechanism fully displaces the door, giving you access to 100% of the cabinet opening minus the minimal space taken up by the hardware itself.
  • Built-in dampers provide smooth movement from start to finish, including a soft-close feature.
  • The mechanism is 4-way adjustable, allowing you to fine-tune the horizontal, vertical, depth, and parallel positioning.
  • The heavy-duty version, LIN-X600, can support doors as heavy as 52.8 lbs. (24 kg).
  • The mechanism is designed for overlay installation, with 3/4” (19 mm) of overlay, but with slight modification can also be installed flush with the surrounding cabinet or wall.
  • A version of our regular-duty LIN-X450 with a reduced overlay of just 35/64” (14 mm), LIN-X450+5, is also available.

In addition to being a great solution for getting the most out of corner cabinets—including exterior corner cabinet doors such as those found on kitchen islands—LIN-X can, of course, be used on regular cabinet doors too.

Also for Use in Pantries, Wine Cellars, and More

With this remarkable lateral-opening hinge, you’re not just getting the most out of corner cabinets and regular cabinets alike, but out of your entire kitchen: In addition to the LIN-X Series for Cabinets, we also make a corresponding LIN-X Series for Doors for use on interior architectural doors and closet and pantry doors.

We offer both regular-duty and heavy-duty versions, LIN-X800 and LIN-X1000, meaning that this same smooth and convenient lateral-opening solution can be applied to just about any door use case in the kitchen and beyond—making it one of our most popular door systems.

DSR Door Straighteners Series

Cabinet doors can be susceptible to warping over time, which is a real eyesore and may adversely affect door hinge performance or lifespan. Hinging wide cabinet doors, especially large or wide doors like those found on pantries, exposes the door material to stresses that lead to warping over time, in addition to the warping that can be caused by environmental factors like humidity.

Our DSR Door Straighteners Series can address door warping both preventatively and retroactively:

  • Install the fully recessed DSR213 or the fully concealed DSR403 (no screws version) or DSR423 at the time of manufacture to prevent warping.
  • Install the DSR701 (can be surface-mounted or partially recessed) as a retrofit to fix existing warping.

The J95 Series Heavy-Duty Concealed Hinge

Another powerful solution for hinging wide cabinet doors and other heavy types of doors effectively is our J95 Series Heavy-Duty Concealed Hinge, available in both free-swing and self-closing versions, with a variety of finishes to choose from. (See catalog listing.)

From our European-Style Concealed Cup Hinges collection, the J95 is perfect for pantry doors, cabinet enclosure doors, and other large doors, and can also help you with getting the most out of corner cabinets. This fully concealed hinge can do almost twice the work of a typical hinge in this category, allowing you to use just two or three hinges where normally five or six would be required.

In addition to the aesthetic appeal and superior performance, the J95’s heavy-duty capacity also makes the installation of hinging wide cabinet doors that much faster.

The LADH Lift-Assist Damper

We’ve talked about getting the most out of corner cabinets and hinging wide cabinet doors properly, but another major challenge in the kitchen is the performance issues surrounding liftable countertops, panels, hoods, etc. When free-swinging hinges are used, these applications can be inelegant, noisy, and dangerous. Additionally, panels can be too heavy to safely lift, especially if the user only has one free hand or is compromised in mobility.

The LADH Lift-Assist Damper addresses all of this with its lift-assist, soft-close, and door-hold capabilities. Available in both heavy-duty (LADH-35) and extra-heavy-duty (LADH-50) versions, and your choice of a dark brown finish or white finish (LADH-35WT and LADH-50WT), the LADH damper is an outstanding solution for home and commercial kitchens and bars, and one of our most useful countertop door systems.

Stainless Steel Folding Brackets

Add temporary storage or workspace in tight spaces with foldable shelves, panels, and tables using our EB Series Stainless Steel Folding Brackets. These durable, high-capacity brackets are available with and without dampers, and, much like the LADH system, help the user to better control movable panels in a kitchen space.

See What Sugatsune Can Do for You

We hope this has been a helpful guide for unique solutions for common kitchen problems like getting the most out of corner cabinets and hinging wide cabinet doors properly.

For 40 years, Sugatsune America has been proud to serve architects, project managers, and others who seek to add value and performance to their projects through superior hardware. To learn more about our unique hardware solutions for the kitchen, as well as other rooms and locations in both residential and commercial spaces:

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