DSR701Surface Mount Door Straightener (Retrofit)

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Protect Doors: DSR701 Surface Mount Straightener

Full-size doors can deform with time, humidity, and use. Straighten warped doors stylishly with the DSR701 surface mount door straightener kit.

These braces utilize a strong steel core with durable aluminum casing to impart enough corrective force to fix bowed doors without further damage.

There are two different model versions available, supporting different door lengths from 56” to 86”.

Designed for Doors that Are Already Damaged

The DSR701 is a retrofitted solution, installed post-production to straighten warped doors that have already lost their original shape. For preventative door straightening on doors that still have their shape (or for new doors), check out our other DSR Series door straighteners.

The DSR701 retrofit straightener is only available as a surface-mounted kit. However, for our preventative straightening solutions, we offer various recessed and concealed models to accommodate just about any project situation, style, or decor.


Surface Mount Door Straightener (Retrofit)

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