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Since 1930, Sugatsune has manufactured a wide range of precision-engineered hardware to meet your project needs. As an architect or engineer, you want your project to meet your client’s immediate and strict specifications. . One way to attain this is to ensure you give them a durable product that satisfies their aesthetic and functional needs. Although industrial and architectural hardware may not constitute the main components of your projects, they are a functional necessity. When you think about it, almost every product we create or develop requires hinges, catches, latches, slides or other hardware to facilitate its purpose. . Even handles, brackets and grommets to are essential to operate them efficiently. 

Sugatsune’s product development teams are continuously in search of ways to make your products or spaces more unique, safe and convenient. . Which is why we constantly launch more new products each year, ensuring you have all the proper industrial hardware to solve your unique problems. In our almost 100 year history, we have developed a reputation for creating durable products that are designed to last resulting in lower costs of ownership.

Our patented Lapcon technology is among our most popular innovations. It ensures your doors shut smoothly, preventing slamming and any related accidents. Our dampening technology has been incorporated in many of our systems so you can have a quiet home or product experience regardless of the way a door, drawer or flap swings. 

The Lin-X1000 lateral door opening system is another popular creation by Sugatsune. It was awarded the Red Dot Award, cementing its status as an outstanding product design. Check out our products page for more information or view our Products menu to see the various categories of architectural hardware and industrial hardware we stock in the U.S. 

At Sugatsune, we understand that choosing the right hardware for your projects can be challenging. That is why, despite offering quality, industry-tested products, we train our sales teams on the specifications and applications of every hardware we develop. All you have to do is explain your needs to them, and they will help you pick the hardware that fits your needs. 

An Innovative Heritage

From residential and commercial architectural and furniture hardware to industrial components for food, medical equipment, transportation, and aerospace, you can find the right and unique solution to help build and show off your creations. Sugatsune America is AS9120 B and ISO 9001:2015 certified and provides unique component hardware products to create convenience for high-end business clients and designers. Learn more.

New Products

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Engineered for your specific needs
Custom Component Solutions
To find the right solution to your creative challenges, contact a Sugatsune hardware expert.
Medical components, technical equipment, and telecommunication components and consumer electronics hardware. What do these hardware products have in common? All can be fitted with, and enhanced by Sugatsune’s component hardware.

From industrial cabinet hardware to door and cabinet hinges designed to enhance pristine residential & commercial interiors to sophisticated torque, dampening and door opening systems, Sugatsune has your ideal commercial, residential or industrial hardware solution. Whatever your needs, we can find the parts you need in our extensive stock and ship them to you, or we can work with your engineering team to customize unique parts for your design.
Motion Design Tech
Motion Design Tech Stands For “New Motions Designed With Technology.”
Sugatsune is your source for industrial hardware that works like nothing else out there. From the first introduction of its soft-close, Lapcon technology over 30 years ago, this guiding principle has challenged our engineers to seek out new trends and incorporate design and manufacturing technologies that would provide people with convenience and satisfaction.


"We retired and had a home built near the beach, but no closet was put in, so these hooks have been a lifesaver."
"I love those hinges. Wish I had another project to use them on."
Doolittle | @doolittledesign
"This lid stay system from Sugatsune is a real game changer."
Woodworkers Journal
"Love this pocket door hardware! So sleek!"
Wood Brain, Lindsay | @wood_brain
"Sugatsune dual soft close sliding door hardware is our premium choice!"
Create Renovation & Design | @create_renovation