Sugatsune @ IWF 2024

Posted On May 14th 2024

Sugatsune @ IWF 2024

IWF is North America’s largest wood products technology and design show.

We’re here once again at the International Woodworkers Fair (IWF 2024) in Atlanta, Georgia, bringing you the latest in innovative hardware. This year’s line-up is sure to spark the creativity within with award winning systems and hardware that challenge the imagination. Come see us at IWF 2024 Booth# C2762

The HES Concealed Hinge Series epitomizes the innovative spirit of Sugatsune. It all began with the groundbreaking HES3D, which features three-way adjustability and a distinctive lift-off feature, transforming the concealed hinge as we knew it. The HES2S then became the first ever surface mounted concealed hinge, creating hidden doors with unparalleled ease. Sugatsune has pushed boundaries even further with the introduction of the HES1F, a one-of-a-kind slim frame hinge system integrating both frame and hinges, making door installation even easier while keeping a sleek aesthetic. Each iteration in the series underscores Sugatsune’s commitment to innovation, quality craftsmanship, and fun.

Award Winning: MFU1200 Flush Sliding Door System

Create a “WOW!” Moment Every Time You Make an Entrance! This unique FLUSH SLIDING DOOR SYSTEM operates by pushing the door inwards and to the side, revealing an entirely new experience. Pull the door and watch it quietly disappear into the surrounding walls. Available in two load capacities to meet your needs. The MFU1200 can be used in single and double door configurations.IF Design Award 2023, Interzum 2023, A'N Best of Products Winner.

A Pocket Door System Like No Other! ALT-ST - Pocket Door System

Soft-close hinges and door alignment to ensure a seamless experience. During installation, you can adjust the doors to five different angles to ensure a perfect fit and effectively utilize your space. Our system is durable and available in various lengths and depths, making it perfect for use in closets, laundry rooms, kitchens, and more. Best of KBIS 2024, Finalist.

LIN-X800 - Lateral Door Opening System

The LIN-X800 offers a versatile solution for doors with its lateral opening mechanism, enabling doors to swing out laterally within a small radius—ideal for tight front space applications. This hinge provides 4-way adjustability, allowing for vertical, horizontal, depth, and parallel adjustments. The built-in dampers ensure smooth and soft-closing movement, making it suitable for various applications such as closet entryways, large pantry doors, storage, hidden rooms, and L-shaped corner spaces. The hardware is non-handed, accommodating both left- and right-opening doors. While designed for overlay installation, it can also be installed flush with the surrounding cabinet or wall.

IF360 - Inset Receding Flipper Door Mechanism (with Soft-Close)

The IF360 Inset Receding Flipper Door Mechanism allows for upward-opening flap doors. Its soft-close feature prevents slamming, and the soft-closing speed is adjustable. The flap door retracts inside the cabinet, allowing other cabinets to be installed on top.

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