Wall-mounted hooks have grown into a household essential for decluttering spaces. Do you need to remember where you placed your keys? Pick a convenient spot and hang them. Is your garage or workspace running out of space? Organize equipment on utility hooks. Besides organizing spaces, hooks maximize them. All you require is a vertical or horizontal space to hang several items. Installing them is also simple, and they are available in different finishes and materials. It’s easy to see why hooks are so indispensable, particularly in tight spaces like closets, where our coat hooks can help. Here are our hook offerings at Sugatsune.

Wall-mounted Hook Hardware

Sugatsune provides the most extensive line of hooks of any hardware manufacturer. Explore decorative hooks, under-mount hooks, latching hooks, rotating and swinging hooks, wall plate hangers, and magnetic and rubber hooks. Our high-quality wall, utility, and decorative hooks are built for convenience, helping homeowners and design professionals create spaces that maximize storage without sacrificing their creative vision. 

As a hardware resource for the world’s leading architects, designers, and industrial engineers, Sugatsune combines innovation and engineering expertise to bring you unique, premium-quality hook hardware. We stock all this hardware locally in the US, allowing us to get your orders to you faster. 


Wall-mounted hooks that Complement Any Design

Sugatsune offers high-quality hanging hardware to match your design for any space. Whether you’re redesigning a single room or creating spaces for an entire project, we have hooks for you. Our hooks are manufactured with only the highest quality materials and will enhance your rooms or workspace without compromising functionality and utility. We offer a range of handcrafted modern and rustic wall-mounted hook designs to suit your tastes. 

Versatile Utility Hooks for Any Environment

We create self-latching and magnetic hooks, all developed with the same level of safety and reliability as our mounted utility hooks. Check out our wall plate hangers designed in premium stainless steel, making them perfect for hanging heavy items such as tools or wall decor. We also feature a lineup of select retractable utility snap, stainless steel latching, rubber, and wall-mounted hooks. You can even undermount hooks on bars and tables creating convenience for customers to hang their bags or purses. 

High-Quality Decorative Hooks

Explore vibrant, multi-colored, modern looking decorative hooks that are easy to mount, creating new levels of satisfaction and convenience. We use high-quality materials to produce our decorative hooks including 304 grade stainless steel and brass. We even offer fun PXB Gomu hooks that are designed for children’s rooms and pediatric spaces. This decorative hook’s body is made of 304 stainless steel, but features a silicone cover, which is available in many colors. The different colors help to match your interior decor, and the design adds an element of safety as the carefully bent-up tips secure your objects better. 

Our decorative hooks are developed to provide unique designs that cater to your diverse preferences. A simple nail on a bathroom door will ideally hold a coat or bag. A nail or plain hook will do if one only needs functionality. However, if you desire something with more visual appeal, you need some of Sugatsune’s premium decorative coat hooks. Function is important, too, and we offer a wide array of utility hooks that don’t sacrifice aesthetics. Many of our stainless steel hooks are NSF-certified so form and function can be achieved in both the front of the house or back of the house in restaurants.

Redefining Design Since 1930

Sugatsune has been a trusted source worldwide for precision-engineered original hardware solutions since 1930. Explore our unique collection of wall, stainless steel, utility, and decorative hooks for hanging by visiting our digital resources, featuring extensive product literature and downloadable CAD/BIM files. You may also contact our experts to find the perfect wall-mounted hook to solve your creative hanging challenges.