Our hinge line-up for cabinets and doors includes friction hinges, glass hinges, and damper hinges that offer unique qualities such as free-stop motion, click motion, and power assist. These are great for industrial applications and provide a safe and quiet working environment.

Incorporate these stylish and functional products into spaces in any home or office. We have options that can complement nearly every style.

Add Style and Quality to Any Space

Sugatsune offers an exceptional range of door hinges and cabinet hinges. We stock traditional butt hinges, sophisticated concealed hinges, and torque and friction hinges designed to be adjustable and easy to install. Our stainless steel concealed hinges and other specialty hinges hold up in corrosive environments, and our glass showcase hinges boast modern and luxurious aesthetics.

Piano hinges, butt hinges, spring/quick-release hinges, lift-off hinges, overlay door angle hinges, pivot hinges, and drop leaf hinges are just a few of the premium door and cabinet hinges made by Sugatsune. If you are still determining which would work for your project, contact us, and our sales team will help you choose.


Why Choose Our Hinges?

Sugatsune constantly innovates to allow you to develop creative products that suit your needs. Although we specialize in stainless steel products, we use other common materials like brass, zinc alloy, plastic, and aluminum for our hinges. Overall, our hinges are made from 22 different materials with 27 different finishes to ensure you get something for your project regardless of scope or industry. The variety of finishes also ensures you maintain the aesthetics of your structures and furniture for functionality.

Some of our hinges, like the HG-JV65 Series, feature our soft-close and self-close technology. That means the hinge closes in a slow and controlled manner to eliminate squeaks and slams. It also closes without any external force once it attains an angle of 35 degrees from its closed position.

In the unlikely event that you desire a cabinet hinge or door hinge that we do not stock, we will gladly work with you to develop a custom solution. We take great pride in creating innovative industrial hardware solutions, an excellent opportunity to expand our product line.

Consult a Hardware Expert for Modern Solutions

Since 1930, Sugatsune has been a trusted source worldwide for precision-engineered original hardware solutions. From residential and commercial architectural and furniture hardware to industrial components for food, medical equipment, transportation, and aerospace, you can find the right, unique solution to help build and show off your creations. Sugatsune America is AS9120 B and ISO 9001:2015 certified, and we distribute unique products to create convenience and satisfaction for people.

Explore our door hinges and cabinet hinges, as well as over 6,000 other products available in the United States, by visiting our digital resources, which feature extensive product literature and downloadable CAD files, or contacting our experts. We’ll gladly help you find the right hinge for your next project.