See How to Adjust Soft-Close Hinges

Thank you for joining us today at Sugatsune America. Today, we’re going to be discussing the HG-JV65-U-LGR Soft-Closing Hinge for Vertical Use with Light Gray finish. We’ll explain the soft close hinge adjustments, show you how to adjust soft-close hinges, and more.

This hinge is one of several in the HG-JV65 Series. This model is intended for vertical use—that is, for doors that open upward.

We also make two models for horizontal use, the Black finish HG-JV65-S-LGR and the Light Gray finish HG-JV65-S-LGR

Design Features at a Glance

  • Self-closing operation engages from 35°.
  • Soft- and self-close design ensures a smooth, safe, quiet door closure.
  • The hinge is fully concealed from view when the door, lid, etc. is closed.
  • Hinge actively holds the door shut to prevent gaps.
  • Internal mounting is ideal for tamper-proof cabinets, e.g., in healthcare.
  • Soft close hinge adjustments allow precise, consistent door movement.
  • The Hex key adjusts speed; no need to look up how to adjust soft-close hinges.
  • Can be safely used between 32° – 104°F (0° – 40 °C).
  • Hinge has passed 50,000 open–close cycles in third-party testing.
  • No lubrication required.
  • For indoor use only.

What Is a Self-Closing Hinge? Easy & Efficient to Use!

From our Cabinet Hinges department, the HG-JV65-U-LGR features:

  • Soft-close: The hinge supplies a slow, controlled closing motion without slamming.
  • Self-close: The hinge closes by itself once it reaches 35° from the closed position.

The Benefits: Safety, Convenience, Efficiency

The design of the HG-JV65-U-LGR will help you ensure that doors actually, fully close and stay closed. (This can be a problem when the operator does not watch the door close completely.) That’s how to adjust soft-close hinges safely and securely in fast-paced work environments; nothing less will do. This built-in action reduces the risks of contamination, injuries or damage, and the chaotic banging and jostling of doors during everyday use.

Together, the soft-close and self-close features make hinge operation more ergonomic and much faster for the operator. The operator can simply give the door a push and it will handle the rest by itself in a finessed, smooth, predictable way. No more slamming!

Easy Adjustment with Hex Key

With this design, you don’t have to worry about how to adjust soft-close hinges anymore. The main feature of this hinge’s adjustability is its convenience: Simply use a hex key to set different soft-closing speeds. You can make your door close faster or close slower depending on your needs.

When we were designing the HG-JV65 Series, we thought carefully about Universal Design principles like user-friendliness, accessibility, and ergonomics. When it came to deciding how to adjust soft-close hinges in our design, we went with a simple hex key operation. Just turn the key to increment the speed setting.

Gauge Helps with Soft Close Hinge Adjustments

Each hinge includes a built-in gauge that will allow you to see the closing speed setting so that you can visually match the speed position with all of the other hinges serving the same panel or lid. This makes soft-close hinge adjustments much easier and faster when using multiple hinges together, which is a critical consideration in determining how to adjust soft-close hinges efficiently and safely.

HG-JV65 Hinge Features & Installation Options

Our HG-JV65 hinges feature screw covers that can conceal the screw mounting holes, for a cleaner look.

The hinges can be installed on solid material surfaces, or they can be used on aluminum extrusion frames.

They come in two color options: black and white. Because what is a self-closing hinge without useful color options?

Find the Right Hardware for Your Project at Sugatsune

We hope this short guide has helped explain the soft-close hinge adjustment, shown you how to adjust soft-close hinges, and given you an idea of what the HG-JV65-U-LGR can offer your project design!

Now, besides just having the adjustability, the main feature is that, with this self-closing mechanism, at 35° your door will not only self-close, but close softly at the predesignated speed of your choice.

If you have any questions about the HG-JV65-U-LGR soft close hinge adjustments or features, or you’d like to learn more about this hinge or others in the HG-JV65 Series, see our Cabinet Hinges catalog for more information—or contact us and we will be happy to assist you! Until next time, thank you very much.

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