MFU 1200 Create a “WOW!” Moment Every Time You Make an Entrance!

At Sugatsune, our engineers strived to achieve a luxury aesthetic with this System while obtaining that high-end quality everyone will want to show off in their home. Not only does the two-way soft close offer an excellent safety precaution, but it’s a solution for any of those tight spaces or narrow hallways where you don’t have room for a typical swinging door. This system can hold doors weighing up to 154 lbs (70 kg) with a door height max. of 106-5/16” (2700 mm) and width max. of 47-1/4” (1200 mm). This is a great solution for wine cellar doors, collection display closets, walk-in closet entryways or a room that is unique to every individual. used our Mono Flat Unison Flush Sliding Door System in this amazing application, and we seriously can’t take our eyes off this door. The creativity and craftsmanship are never lost on us when we see these types of designs.

We are truly grateful that organizations like Weaver Custom Homes choose our hardware for their client projects. It’s a testament to their trust in the quality and functionality of our products.

Special Projects Coordinator for HGTV's Inside Out, Robyn Holloway, tells us about his experience installing the MFU1200 Flush Sliding Door System, how he found out about Sugatsune and goes through the project with us.

Inside Out hosts decided to use the MFU1200 for their "Surfer Zen Renovation" (S2-E7) as the crowning-piece of the indoors parts of this breathtaking renovation.

This unique FLUSH SLIDING DOOR SYSTEM operates by pushing the door inwards and to the side, revealing an entirely new experience. Pull the door and watch it quietly disappear into the surrounding walls. Available in two load capacities to meet your needs. The MFU1200 can be used in single and double door configurations.

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