Architectural Applications

Posted On Apr 24th 2024

Architectural Applications

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Sugatsune offers a vast array of hardware options tailored to suit your needs. Whether you're seeking a lid stay, hinge, door system, or torque hinge, Sugatsune is dedicated to helping elevate your concepts and designs. Backed by a committed support team, we're equipped to assist with any challenges you encounter in the field. Feel free to engage with us on social media; we'd love to showcase your projects too! Follow us @sugatsuneamerica

LADH - Heavy Duty Lift-Assist Damper


Ad safety, quiet close and ease of use to your design with Sugatsune's LADH Heavy Duty Lift Assist Damper. Can be used in pairs, each unit lifting up to 37 lbs, ideal for retail environments, restaurant counters and bars.

 HES3D-W190 - 3-Way Adjustable Concealed Hinge

Experience the unseen with Sugatsune's HES Concealed Hinge Series, featuring 3-way adjustability, five sizes and several finishes to choose from. We are also introducing our NEW Surface Mount concealed hinge, HES2S Series.LEARN MORE

 BK-TR - Triangle Bracket

A shelf bracket with a unique triangle design. Cables can be wired through the inside of the bracket.

LIN-X1000 - Lateral Opening Door System

Lateral Opening Mechanism: Allows doors to swing out laterally in a small radius, ideal for tight front space application.


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