DSR403-1524-25Concealed Door Straightener

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Prevent bowed door problems with Sugatsune’s warped door prevention hardware (DSR403-1524-25).

Fully Concealed & Pressure-Fitted

The DSR door straightener series is fully concealed: we have recessed the stiffening hardware into the door, then covered it with a high-quality laminate to make it invisible to the end user.

The DSR series is also pressure-fitted, meaning no screws are required for installation.

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Features & Sizing

All models in the DSR series feature a steel rod and a zinc adjuster with a nickel finish. They are designed to fit doors at least 18 mm (11/16”) thick and are adjustable up to 10 mm (3/8”). They come in packs of 25.

The DSR403-1524-25 warped door prevention hardware is the shortest entry in the DSR series, with a center length of 1104 mm (43-7/16”) to 1524 mm (60”), which will fit door heights between 1224 mm (48-3/16″) and 1644 mm (64-3/4”). It can be cut, from the bottom up, to a maximum length of 420mm (16-9/16”).

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• Fully Concealed/Hidden Door
Straightener. Recess mounted
under laminate.
• ±10mm adjustment can be made
from the top of the door with a M4
Allen Key(included).
• Min. door thickness 18mm
• Can be cut from the bottom up to
420mm (16-9/16”)
• Pressure-fit into place, screws not
needed for installation.
• Note: Sold in Boxes of 25 pieces.


Choose Sugatsune for Quality, Performance, and Durability

The DSR403-1524-25 is a superior piece of warped door prevention hardware that prevents bowed doors so that your customers will get more life out of their door installations throughout the home interior, office space, etc. That is always our goal: long-lasting quality, outstanding performance, and excellent value for you and the end user alike.

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