DSR423-1524-25Concealed Door Straightener

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Protect large doors from long-term warping or bowing with Sugatsune’s door straightening system (DSR423-1524-25). Bowing cabinet doors are a common long-term problem that can be prevented by strengthening the material with this properly fitted stiffener.

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Fully Concealed for a Clean Look

The DSR423 door straightener series is fully concealed, offering cabinetry a clean, elegant appearance both inside and out without sacrificing performance or durability. The concealment is achieved by installing the door straightener directly into the door, in a recessed manner, then covering it with a high-quality laminate to make the door stiffener invisible to the end user.

Find the Right Length

All DSR423 series models consist of a steel rod plus a zinc adjuster with a nickel finish. They fit doors at least 12 mm (½”) thick and are adjustable up to 10 mm (⅜”). Each model is sold in packs of 25.

The DSR423-1524-25 door straightening system is the shortest entry in the series, with a center length of 1104 mm (43-7/16”) to 1524 mm (60”), supporting door heights of 1224 mm (48-3/16″) to 1644 mm (64-3/4”).

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• Fully concealed/hidden door
straightener. Recessed mounted
under laminate.
• ±10mm adjustment can be made
from the top of the door with a M4
Allen Key(included).
• Min. door thickness 12mm (1/2”).
• Optional mounting holes to
secure door straighner to door
using 4 M4 (U.S. #8) flathead
contersunk wood screws.
• Note: Sold in Boxes of 25 pieces.


Choose Sugatsune to Elevate Your Interiors

At Sugatsune America, we focus on high-quality, durable hardware components that add value to any construction or remodeling project. We always have an eye toward long-lasting, superior performance for the end user.

Choose the DSR423-1524-25 door straightening system to prevent bowing cabinet doors and get more life out of all of your home doors.

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