Control Top-Opening Lids with the S-ATJ01 Spring Loaded, Balance Adjustable Stay

Top-opening lids can be a real nuisance without the proper control hardware: They slam shut, can be heavy to open, and must be held open manually in any position other than fully open.

The S-ATJ01 Balance Adjustable Stay solves all of these problems:

  • The spring loaded lifting mechanism assists in lifting the door open and holds it open at any position you desire between 10° and 80°. The spring tension is adjustable so that you can compensate for lid weight.
  • The balance adjustment that gives the S-ATJ01 its name is an alternative to adjustable torque lid stays. The balance adjustment can be made with a Phillips screwdriver and allows you to rebalance the stay’s center of gravity to accommodate lids of different shapes and sizes.
  • An optional add-on damper, the S-ATD-30, provides soft-close functionality. It clips into the lid stay easily, with no additional hardware required. Together with the spring loaded lifting mechanism, this means fully controlled opening and closing.

Note: The S-ATJ Series is not compatible with concealed hinges.

Side Wall Mounted, Supports Torque Loads Up to 78 lbs-in (90 Kgf-cm)

This model of the S-ATJ Balance Adjustable Stay, S-ATJ01, can support torque loads of 78 lbs-in (90 kgf-cm). For a heavier-duty option, choose the S-ATJ02, which can handle up to 104 lbs-in (120 kgf-cm).

This model (and the S-ATJ02) is side-wall mounted. For corresponding options that mount to the back panel instead, choose S-ATJD, available as either the S-ATJ01D or the S-ATJ02D, or S-ATJS, available as either the S-ATJ01S or the S-ATJ02S.

All models feature the same spring loaded lifting mechanism for superior performance.


Convenient, Versatile, High Quality

The S-ATJ01 Balance Adjustable Stay is designed and engineered to give you an upscale lid stay option for the widest variety of applications:

  • Works with regular and L-shaped lids (lids with a lip in front).
  • Made of 430 stainless steel.
  • No screws are required for installation.
  • Non-handed design can be installed on either the left or right side.
  • Can be installed individually or in pairs.

The high-quality materials, precision engineering, and spring loaded lifting mechanism and optional damper of this balance adjustable stay ensure the top quality performance that you expect from Sugatsune.

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RoHS Status

RoHS 3


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