Your top-opening lids need the right control hardware, or else they can cause problems like slamming shut and require you to manually hold them open whenever you need to get into the space below. With the S-ATJ Series of balance adjustable lid stays, those problems give way to the convenience and accessibility of superior engineering.

The S-ATJ02S Balance Adjustable Spring-Loaded Lid Stay is built with high-quality 4  materials and features the quality, utility, and flexibility of use that you expect from a Sugatsune design:

  • This is a heavy-duty lid stay that supports torque loads of 104 lbs-in (120 kgf-cm).
  • The lift-assist mechanism smoothly lifts the door open and will hold lids open on its own from any position between roughly 10° and 80°.
  • Compensate for differing lid weights by using the adjustable spring tension control, so that you get just the right amount of hold.
  • The adjustable spring loaded lid stay is a Sugatsune innovation that provides an alternative to traditional adjustable torque lid stays. You can use the balance adjustment of this heavy-duty lid stay to calibrate the stay’s center of gravity. This lets you accommodate lids of different shapes and sizes. Adjustment is simple, requiring only a Phillips head screwdriver.
  • You may install these balance adjustable stainless steel lid stays individually or in multiples.

Notes: The S-ATJ Series (including the S-ATJ02S heavy-duty lid stay) is not compatible with concealed hinges. Additionally, unlike most of the other S-ATJ Series models, the S-ATJ02S does not have a soft-close damper option.


Once you try the S-ATJ02S heavy-duty lid stay, you will immediately recognize its value for the end user. Our emphasis on precision engineering, superior performance, and accessibility and convenience for everyone means that this hardware is simply the best around.

Contact Sugatsune if you need any help finding the right stays or other parts, or if you have any questions about our products. Let us know how we can help you with your project development.

RoHS Status

RoHS 2


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