S-ATJ Series: Balance-Adjustable Industrial Lid Stays

Top-opening lids and panels need the proper control hardware, especially when they’re on the heavier side. Otherwise, they can be difficult to lift, especially in busy situations, and they can also be prone to slamming shut, injuring fingers or jostling equipment.

Our S-ATJ Series industrial lid stays solve the ergonomic dilemma with a spring-loaded stay that makes opening a flap easier and with a superior operating experience. The S-ATJ02D Balance Adjustable Spring-Loaded Lid Stay is designed to be back-panel-mounted.

The S-ATJ02D excels among industrial equipment lid supports thanks to these user-friendly features:

  • Easy to Open: The spring-loaded lift-assist mechanism in these industrial lid stays assists in smoothly lifting the door open with minimal human effort—even a single finger!
  • Holds Position: The S-ATJ02D securely holds lids and panels open at any position between 10° and 80°. There is an adjustable spring tension control mechanism for fine-tuning your preferred setup
  • Innovative Balance Adjustability: The balance adjustment that gives the S-ATJ Series of industrial lid stays their name is an improvement on traditional torque-adjustable lid stays. With a balance-adjustable stay, you can reposition the lid stay’s center of gravity to accommodate lids and panels of different shapes, sizes, and weight distributions. Balance adjustment is very easy, requiring only a Phillips head screwdriver.
  • Soft-Close Damper Available: An optional add-on damper, the S-ATD-30, complements these industrial equipment lid supports by making it just as easy to close lids as to open them. The damper easily clips into the stay and requires no additional hardware.

Note: The S-ATJ Series is NOT compatible with concealed hinges.

Back Panel Mounted, Supports Torque Loads Up to 104 lbs-in (120 Kgf-cm)

Suitable for residential, commercial, and even many industrial applications, the S-ATJ02D industrial lid stay can support torque loads of 104 lbs-in (120 kgf-cm). For a lighter-duty option, choose the S-ATJ01D, which can hold up to 78 lbs-in (90 kgf-cm).

The S-ATJ02D (and the S-ATJ01D) industrial lid stays are back-mounted. If you need a stay that mounts to the side instead, choose the S-ATJ line, available as either the S-ATJ01 (lighter-duty) or the S-ATJ02 (heavier-duty), or the S-ATJS line, available as either the S-ATJ01S (lighter-duty) or the S-ATJ02S (heavier-duty).

All S-ATJ Series industrial equipment lid supports feature the same innovative balance adjustability and adjustable spring-loaded lift assistance capability.


Find High-Quality Industrial Lid Stays for Your Project at Sugatsune America

The S-ATJ02D Balance Adjustable Spring-Loaded Lid Stay is built for long-lasting, high-end performance in a wide variety of home, business, and industrial environments. The stays are made of 430 stainless steel and precision-engineered for smooth, superior operation. They can be installed individually or in pairs.

These industrial equipment lid supports are sure to find a place in your project. Contact Sugatsune if you need any help finding the right parts, or have any questions. Our tech support team is US-based and highly knowledgeable!

RoHS Status

RoHS 3


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