A Back-Mounted, Balance-Adjustable Heavy-Duty Lid Stay

Control top-opening lids with the S-ATJ01D spring loaded, balance-adjustable heavy-duty lid stay!

Top-opening lids are prone to slamming shut, can be heavy or inconvenient to open, and must be held open manually in any position other than fully open. To keep these lids out of your way, you need the proper control hardware. This is especially true in busy settings where multiple things are going on at once. In these situations, you need a high-performance industrial lid support.

That’s where the S-ATJ01D Heavy-Duty Lid Stay comes into play.

Why You Need the S-ATJD Lid Stay

From the back-mounted, dampable S-ATJD line of our S-ATJ Series of spring-loaded lid stays, the S-ATJ01D offers convenience and control over top-open lids and makes for a highly versatile residential, commercial, or industrial lid support:

  • The spring-loaded lift-assist mechanism lifts the door’s weight on its own and will hold the door open at any position you desire, between 10° and 80°. The spring tension is adjustable so that you can compensate for the lid’s weight, shape, and balance.
  • The balance adjustment that gives the S-ATJ Series its name is an alternative to traditional torque-adjustable lid stays. All you need to perform the balance adjustment is a Phillips screwdriver; the screw is easy to reach and easy to turn.
  • An optional add-on damper, the S-ATD-30, provides soft-close functionality, making the lid as easy to close as it is to open. This damper clips into the S-ATJ01D heavy-duty lid stay easily, with no additional hardware required.

Note: The S-ATJ Series is not compatible with concealed hinges.

Get the High-Use Performance You Need

The S-ATJ01D has the following specifications:

  • Heavy-Duty Lid Stay: Supports torque loads of 78 lbs-in (90 kgf-cm). For an even heavier-duty industrial lid support option, choose the S-ATJ02D, which can handle up to 104 lbs-in (120 kgf-cm).
  • Back-Mounted: Mounts to the back panel. For stays that mount to the side panels instead, try the S-ATJ line, available as either the S-ATJ01 or the heavier-duty S-ATJ02.
  • 430 Stainless Steel: Made of high-quality grade 430 stainless steel for elegance and durability.

Can Be Used in Multiples: Can be used individually or in multiples as needed.


Find More Hardware Solutions for Your Projects at Sugatsune

The S-ATJ01D heavy-duty lid stay is just one of the thousands of hardware components that we manufacture here at Sugatsune America to meet the needs of architects, designers, developers, contractors, and others.

Contact Sugatsune to learn more about the S-ATJ01D industrial lid support or any of our other hardware. We can help you find the right parts for your projects!

RoHS Status

RoHS 3


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