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No More Headaches – Innovative Pocket Door Hardware

Pocket doors usually feel like one of those necessary evils in homes. They are convenient and valuable but often get a bad rap because homeowners frequently encounter failures, resulting in costly poc
Explore Sugatsune’s Outdoor Hardware for Your Project

Sugatsune America is known from coast to coast among high-end architects, builders, project managers, and engineers as a premier source for performance-oriented, stainless steel hardware components
The Impact Of Architectural Hardware On Design And Aesthetics

When we think about architectural design, our minds often conjure up images of stunning buildings, elegant interiors, and carefully curated spaces. However, amidst the grandeur of these marvels, a sub
Product Highlight

Door Slow Close: Tired of Loud Slamming Doors? Try the LDD-S DamperToday, we’re highlighting a door slow close accessory from our catalog that has seen a big spike in sales during the pandemic: the LD
HGTV’s Inside-Out Features the MFU1200 Flush Sliding Door System

“Your hardware is amazing. It’s so nice, so smooth. It’s intuitive.” — Robyn Holloway Special Projects Coordinator for HGTV's Inside Out Our MonoFlat
Add a Premium to Interior Spaces by Using Sliding Doors on Linear Motion Rails

Today we are looking at linear motion guide rails of the kind used on many of our sliding door systems. When you want to elevate the user experience of a space, one of the most powerful and co
A Guide to Our NSF-Certified Products for Use with Food

At Sugatsune America, we manufacture a line-up of NSF hardware components for engineers to create NSF-certified equipment for the food service industry. All NSF-certified component hardware meets r
Choosing the Right Hinges for a Hidden Door

Today we are exploring some of our favorite hinges for a hidden door application. Hidden doors can give a room a clean, minimalistic aesthetic by eliminating the visual intrusions of a doorwa
How to Tell Real vs. Fake Products in Hardware (And Why It Matters)

Today in the Sugatsune Blog, we are discussing genuine component hardware solutions and why it is so important that you use genuine hardware in your development or renovation projects.“Fake” Hardware
Discover the ALT-ST Pocket Door

Adjustments, Installation, and Door Alignment Are SimpleThe ALT-ST Series Pocket Door System is a classy way to keep cabinet and utility doors out of the way and out of sight when they’re open.We’ve d