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Benefits of Acoustic Office Panels in Open Designs

Noise pollution in the workplace is no joke. It can make conversations harder to hear, cause headaches or fatigue, and reduce concentration. This all adds up to a loss of productivity and efficienc
HGTV’s Inside-Out Features the MFU1200 Flush Sliding Door System

“Your hardware is amazing. It’s so nice, so smooth. It’s intuitive.” — Robyn Holloway Special Projects Coordinator for HGTV's Inside Out Our MonoFlat
The Different Types of Stainless Steel & Their Benefits

Sugatsune America, has become well known for our prominent use stainless steel, in our architectural and industrial hardware products. It prolongs the life of hardware and can make work environment
How to Specify Friction Hinges

Torque Tolerance and Door Moment What is a friction hinge best used for, and how do you use it to its full potential? When you’re specifying hinged applications in your project plans, and you’r
Product Spotlight: ESR-SC4513 Side Mount Soft Close Drawer Slides

Today in the Sugatsune Blog, we are spotlighting our ESR-SC4513 Series Full Extension Soft Close Slides for Drawers. Our design with these stainless steel soft close drawer slides is a world’s f

See How to Adjust Soft-Close HingesThank you for joining us today at Sugatsune America. Today, we’re going to be discussing the HG-JV65-U-LGR Soft-Closing Hinge for Vertical Use with Light Gray finish

How to Install Concealed Hinges Quickly & EasilyFrom our European-Style Cup Hinges collection, the J95 Series Concealed Cup Hinge is a family of heavy-duty concealed hinges designed to support heavier
Creating Solutions to Help Change the World

How often do we have an opportunity to be part of something that can improve thousands of lives globally? Especially something so fundamental as supporting the healthy development of human life. Somet
Celebrating 40 Years in America

2022 marks the 40th anniversary for Sugatsune America, Inc. which was established as the first overseas subsidiary of its Japanese parent company. Founded in 1930, Sugatsune Kogyo Co., Ltd., built a r
Can Robots Add Value to Your Dining Experience?

How can we not love robots? Rosey, HAL, C3P0, R2D2, Wall-E, all made an impact. Robots and artificial intelligence allowed us to dream; they opened our imagination to think about what the future could