Celebrating 40 Years in America

Posted On Aug 28th 2022

Celebrating 40 Years in America

2022 marks the 40th anniversary for Sugatsune America, Inc. which was established as the first overseas subsidiary of its Japanese parent company. Founded in 1930, Sugatsune Kogyo Co., Ltd., built a reputation for developing high-quality furniture fittings that helped revolutionize the way furniture was built in Japan. As the company’s success grew, so did the way in which Sugatsune products enriched people’s lives and supported how they worked.

“We wanted to provide people with an opportunity to experience the same Joy that people in Japan had when using our products,” says Jun Sugasawara, President and CEO. “We believed that the best place to start was in the largest consumer market so, in 1982, we set our sights on the United States. Since then, we have continued to grow our customer base and have been able to deliver convenience and satisfaction to more people.”

Introduced in the mid-1980s, Lapcon® products incorporated rotary damper technology into its hardware resulting in quiet, luxurious movement. Starting with the Tallman closet hinging system, this soft-closing system evolved as Sugatsune worked with a large Japanese toilet manufacturer to develop a damper that eliminated the annoyances of slamming toilet seats. Shortly after, this idea matured into what became Sugatsune’s “Quiet Home” concept which set the stage for the soft-closing drawers and cabinets found in many American kitchens today.

“Sugatsune is a trendsetter in many regards,” says Steve Hirasawa, Executive Vice President of Sugatsune America, Inc. “It is the company’s dedication to creating new and thoughtful products that continue to motivate me and is the main driver behind the company’s success in America. We look forward to the next forty years.”

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