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Sugatsune America is known from coast to coast among high-end architects, builders, project managers, and engineers as a premier source for performance-oriented, stainless steel hardware components for architectural projects and industrial applications.

Today in the Sugatsune Blog, we’re stepping outside as we look at some of our hardware offerings for outdoor use cases.

Materials that Meet the Challenges of the Outdoors

Outdoor hardware needs to be able to stand up to swinging temperatures, extreme dryness and humidity, wind, rain, and direct sunlight. The best hardware for outdoor use needs to deliver the long-lasting durability that you expect in spite of these challenges. Durability is a critical part of the value proposition when sourcing hardware for outdoor applications, especially in high-end builds.

Achieving this durability outdoors means using the right construction materials in our products, like high-performance modern polymers and Grade 304 stainless steel. This grade of steel resists corrosion, won’t warp in the wind, and handles the temperature and humidity changes well. Because of these properties, together with steel’s hardness and clean aesthetic attractiveness, stainless steel features extensively in our product lineups, and we are well-known for it.

This is on top of the durability-focused characteristics we build into all our hardware through precision engineering, tight tolerances, smart designs that don’t wear out needlessly fast, and independent cycle testing to verify our products’ performance.

Find the Hardware Your Project Needs

Here, you can find the best hardware for outdoor use in a variety of different applications, including:
Residential Office
Retail Healthcare
Hospitality Manufacturing
Restaurants Transportation
You can also explore all of our outdoor hardware offerings and all of our other products in our catalogs and brochures:

Hardware for Use in Transportation

Sugatsune America has an entire line-up of stainless-steel outdoor hardware intended for use in transportation and marine environments. Transportation applications often require the highest degree of space-saving hardware designs, with a great premium placed on things like position hinges, magnetic catches, hooks and other innovations that keep spaces clean and functional.

We make hardware for:

  • Ground transportation
  • Marine vessels and environments
  • Aerospace craft

Ground Transportation Hardware

Explore space-saving cabinet door systems, stylish concealed hinges, casters, catches and latches, locks, and much more in our Transportation Applications Collection. We have the best hardware for outdoor use in RVs, motorhomes, trailers, vans, food trucks, and big rig trucks.

Improve your storage capacity and safety with hardware that establishes a clean, upscale look and delivers high-quality, smooth, quiet performance.

Be sure to read our RV Conversion Catalog if you’re working on an RV / can conversion.

Marine Outdoor Hardware

The chloride corrosion of saltwater has been a nemesis of seafaring civilizations and coastal communities for thousands of years. Our Marine Applications Collection features a wide lineup of hardware constructed with Grade 316 stainless steel—the preferred grade of stainless steel for marine environments due to its outstanding saltwater corrosion resistance, excellent hardness and durability, and its ability to take a handsome polish that keeps looking great over time.

Outfit your marine vessel or waterfront property with elegant handles, pulls, knobs, hinges, folding brackets, and other hardware. Our designs are as space-efficient as they are durable, making them ideally suited for tight spaces in ship galleys and cabins. Sugatsune has some of the best hardware for outdoor use in marine environments that you will find anywhere.

Aerospace Outdoor Hardware

Sugatsune is an AS9120 B and ISO 9001:2015 certified company, meeting certain standards for product safety, consistently reliable performance, and anti-counterfeit measures for aerospace parts suppliers.

Many of our hardware products can be used in Aerospace that includes a wide swath of our complete product range—everything from brackets to hinges, to hooks, , to catches , and much more—all suitable for use on an aircraft.

Our hardware is user-friendly and offers a clean, upscale aesthetic that takes personal aircraft and company jets to new heights.

Product Spotlights

Here are a few outdoor hardware to give you an idea of what’s on offer at Sugatsune:

Stainless Steel Folding Bracket (EB-303/EP)

This self-locking bracket is easy to use and supports loads up to 150 kgf (1471 N), perfect for outdoor shelves and tables.
The EB-303/EP Stainless Steel Folding Bracket by Sugatsune

SLH Series Large Stainless Steel Handles

Large, easy to grip, handsome, and corrosion resistant, our SLH Series of stainless steel handles offers great options when you’re looking for the best hardware for outdoor use.
These SLH Series Large Stainless Steel Handles are some of our best hardware for outdoor use

Stainless Steel Swivel Latch Hook (EN-R100F)

This Grade 316 stainless steel latch hook swivels 180 degrees and is an ideal outdoor hardware component for applications in a vibration or shock environment.
The Sugatsune Stainless Steel Latch Hook (EN-R100F)
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