A recent innovation, our SLH Series LargeStainless Steel Handles embody the principles of quality and functionality that you’ve come to expect from Sugatsune America.

This large, ergonomic door handle can be used for architectural and industrial applications, and is suitable for residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, and transportation environments (except marine environments). It can be used on doors, panels, and as pulls for large appliances.

The aesthetic is seamless and smooth, giving the space a nice, clean, modern look. The handles feature stainless steel construction and a premium satin finish that looks very nice.

3 Sizes Available

We offer three sizes of SLH Series large ergonomic door handle:

  • 400 mm (15.75”)
  • 600 mm (23.62”)
  • 800 mm (31.50”)

Installation is straightforward, though these handles do require an M8 machine screw to be installed from behind.

Ergonomic Features

SLH Series stainless steel handles prioritize ergonomics. Each large ergonomic door handle in the series is designed so the user can safely and comfortably place their hand anywhere on the handle:

  • The large handle size reduces the time and focus required to engage with the handle, making door operation incrementally faster and easier.
  • The outward curve of the handle supports the natural motion of the user’s arm as they pull the door open.
  • This curvature also makes it easier for the user to place their hand around the handle initially, without hitting the door.
  • The cross-section of the stainless steel handles is rounded and sized to fit all hand sizes comfortably, for maximum grip.
  • There are no sudden angles or sharp corners anywhere in the gripping zone.

304 Stainless Steel Construction

At Sugatsune America we are well-known for our high-quality stainless steel hardware. Stainless steel, while costing a little more than alternative materials, is often flat-out superior in performance and durability.

Our SLH Series stainless steel handles are sturdy and well-built. This is the kind of quality that the users will notice, helping to set the professional or upscale tone of a space.

Corrosion-Resistant and Suitable for Outdoor Use

Each SLH Series large ergonomic door handle is built from conventional stainless steel brackets and 304 Grade Stainless Steel piping. This design means the handles are highly corrosion-resistant and can be used in outdoor applications and environments susceptible to repeated and prolonged freshwater exposure—though we do not recommend their use in marine (saltwater) environments.


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If you have any questions about the SLH Series stainless steel handles or anything else you might need for your project, please contact our customer service team and we’d be happy to assist you.