No More Headaches – Innovative Pocket Door Hardware

Pocket doors usually feel like one of those necessary evils in homes. They are convenient and valuable but often get a bad rap because homeowners frequently encounter failures, resulting in costly pocket door hardware and wall repairs This is a common complaint from homeowners as many hardware products fail which and that way they are installed, requires someone to break open the wall to access the hardware to replace, adjust or fix ..

Common Problems with Pocket Door System

Builder Matt Risinger mentions, “common failures include doors falling off the track, plastic rollers that crack, or door tracks that aren’t perfectly level. Even the screws used in the roller carriages will back out over time because of constant use.” The worst part is that when these systems fail or screws need to be tightened, pocket door designs require breaking into the wall to do so.

For these reasons, Sugatsune has created innovative pocket door hardware to allow you to enjoy the style and convenience of pocket doors without you having to worry about breaking open a pocket even if you wish to change out the door. Whether you’re looking for a recessed or surface mount roller carriage , our innovative pocket door systems deliver several compelling options.

Avoiding Costly Repairs with an Innovative Pocket Door System

Now imagine that your pocket door track was designed to allow access to all components without damaging the pocket. Envision replacing a pocket door track without breaking the wall. Imagine removing the rollers and soft-close dampers without ripping down any walls. There’d be no more headaches!

Sugatsune’s new LAMP® branded FD80H Series of pocket door hardware gives you precisely that. Available with 2-way soft-closing dampers for recessed or surface-mounted applications, these easy-to-install and highly innovative door systems have proven durability, surviving 200,000 cycles in testing. The pocket door track and its components have been side-impact tested with loads of up to 60 lbs. There are a variety of pocket door systems available, as well as several recessed pocket door handle options, such as our two-sided handles, locking handles, and surface mount handles.

If anything should happen with the system, the FD80H is designed to provide you with easy access to all the pocket door hardware components. You only need to remove the part of the track in the opening and simply remove the door to have full access to the functional hardware parts. Our new pocket door designs are the solution people have been asking for. An easy way of fixing, upgrading, or replacing a pocket door without breaking open the wall.

To learn more about this and other innovative new pocket door systems, visit our product listing page for the FD80H pocket door hardware. Our options include recessed and surface mount versions.

Don’t forget to check out our new sleek HC-3051 Sliding Pocket Door Handles, which support our pocket door systems. Pair these with our innovative door systems and experience premium hardware at its best.

Find Better Pocket Door Designs at Sugatsune America

Need assistance finding the suitable Sugatsune model of pocket doors with surface mount handles or a recessed pocket door handle? Contact our pocket door hardware experts online or call 800-562-5267.

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