Staying Ahead of Covid-19

Posted On Aug 13th 2020

Staying Ahead of Covid-19

What happens tomorrow is uncertain & Sugatsune wants you to stay ahead

Sugatsune is here to help you create a safe environment.

woman holding medicine behind sneeze safety glass

Today’s world is faced with many unprecedented challenges that have reemphasized how important it is for businesses and residential buildings to create and maintain a safe health environment. Sugatsune America offers products that utilize sanitary design principles and have become popular for industries most in need. Our extensive line of easy to clean stainless steel and NSF-certified products can go a long way in today’s world where sanitation is essential.

Combination Torque Hinges

Torque hinges today are a perfect solution for sneeze guards or any device that is meant to keep a distance from the employee and the customer. These are easily installed and offer the safest, most sturdy application for plexiglass, or any light material with various motions.

HG-VH8 - Torque Hinge

Glass Clamps

Glass clamps and shelf supports are a great product for any tempered glass or acrylic sheet, meaning guards and blockers for promoting a safe health environment. Made with Zinc Alloy and 304 stainless steel which is great for easy cleaning while keeping a beautiful aesthetic.

3001 - Mini Glass Clamp

Magnetic Catches

Sugatsune offers an extensive lineup of catches and latches. These products are great for small spaces or a hands-free environment that make it extra convenient to open cabinets and doors when your hands are full. Magnetic catches are designed to hold cabinet doors or drawers in place, even if it involves any movement.

MC-YN005HP - Magnetic Catch

Stainless Steel Handles

Stainless steel is the most commonly used handle material in the medical industry due to its ease of cleaning. These particular handles have become popular in nurses’ stations, diagnostic equipment, and hospital millwork because of their composition and low projection. Using the right materials is key to sanitary design, and you cannot cultivate a safe health environment without them.

DL Series - Handles

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