Sugatsune @ The NAFEM Show 2023

Posted On Dec 8th 2022

Sugatsune @ The NAFEM Show 2023

Take ideas from booth to business.

The NAFEM Show is the only show 100 percent dedicated to the foodservice equipment and supplies that move your business forward. With industry-leading exhibitors, groundbreaking products, endless educational opportunities and countless connections – there’s no limit to what’s possible when you attend.

Featured Products

A low profile and versatile disk damper that adds soft close to its rotation. Excellent for food service environments as well as various industrial application.

Stainless Steel Heat Resistant Torque Hinges

HG-TBS, HG-TBSJ and HG-ITHP. with various torque strengths, heat resistant and 40,000 open/close cycle testing. These hinges are ideal for applications in food preparation equipment, lab testing, dry chambers or any high humidity/temperature environment.  


Lift-Assist Torque Hinge —HG-TLAJ

A new addition to our Motion Design Tec (MDT) family, the HG-TLAJ, Lift-assist torque hinge. It combines the convenience of making the lid lighter and the free stop feature of a torque hinge . It also features torque adjustability to make sure it is perfectly supports the lid.  


Gravity Hinge with Self/Soft Close HG-JG150

The newest addition to our Motion Design Tec (MDT) family, the HG-JG150, Gravity Hinge with Soft/Self Close. It combines functionality and Beauty with a sleek chrome finish and adjustable closing speed. It also features mounting adjustability to make sure it is perfectly in place.  

A very versatile hinge the HG-TS Series Single Axis Torque Hinge, with three sizes to chose from and a wide torque range. Made with stainless steel, this hinge is ideal for harsh environment and when constant cleaning is necessary.
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