Sugatsune Is Getting Hooked On Design Trends At Booth #N3048

Looks as Good As It Works: Decorative Hardware & Space-Saving Ideas

February 7, 2019 – Carson, Calif.. As more people look for design solutions amid changing tastes and needs, they turn to venues such as the Kitchen and Bath Show. There, project managers hope to find new products and design inspirations that solve problems while looking good. Architects seek out stylish decorative hardware capable of setting trends. And contractors look for space-saving ideas amid the ever-decreasing floorspace in many of society’s homes and businesses.

Aesthetics and design details continue to become more important as people actively engage in the creative process of designing elements throughout the home and in commercial spaces.

That’s where we come in. Known for developing high-quality, unique functioning hardware, Sugatsune America is expanding its decorative hardware line-up so those who care about aesthetic details can create the perfect space.

Sugatsune Brings Excellence of Design to the Table

At the 2019 KBIS and IBS show, Sugatsune showcased these new designs including a comprehensive collection of bold, striking, and customizable hooks that are beautifully crafted to transform an ordinary space into an elegant experience.

These hooks are a great example of the seemingly unrelated ideas of decorative hardware and space-saving ideas: The two can fit together perfectly, with superior designs saving space and increasing utility while also achieving a sought-after aesthetic. Even something as humble as a hook has a role to play in designing an excellent space. Today’s decorative hardware can’t just be decorative in the sense of being cosmetic and performing no function!

“One distinct trend we have seen throughout the home and in commercial spaces is the need for enhanced utility,” says Curtis Nakamura, Vice President of Sugatsune America. “Utility is often perceived as function over form but as more people take an active role in the design process, utility is now the balance of function and form. When we studied the needs of people living their daily lives, you start to see how important storage is and oftentimes, something as simple as a hook proves to be the most convenient solution. However, when we go out looking for a hook, we get let down by the mere fact that it is ‘just a hook.’ So, to deliver satisfaction and convenience to people, we set out to develop a plethora of hooks that would not only provide the desired utility but add to the aesthetics of the space being designed.”

In addition to new decorative hook collections, Sugatsune America also featured new premium decorative hardware solutions, set up at its booth to simulate real-world environments and applications. The intention of this was to stimulate creative visions and space-saving ideas for architects, designers, and custom home builders so that they can create spaces that will captivate their clients.

“Like our hooks, Sugatsune prides itself on creating unique solutions that not only solves a functional problem but provides users with a wow factor,” Nakamura notes.

Sugatsune’s LIN-X series, which includes the LIN-X1000, LIN-X450, and the LIN-X600, will do just that. A line-up of lateral opening door systems that not only creates a flush appearance and allows full access into areas where space is limited, but functions in a way for users to see that not all doors swing alike. This is decorative hardware taken to the next level, offering full-scale “utilitarian” performance but with an upscale, even luxurious aesthetic.

Thanks to all those who stopped by KBIS 2019 Booth #N3048 to experience our setup for themselves and learn about the wide range of other Sugatsune hardware solutions. Many attendees were very much impressed and inspired by some of the possibilities in combining the concepts of decorative hardware, utility, performance, and space-saving ideas into specific projects. We also had great fun with those who showed up for happy hour on February 19th and 20th between 3 – 5 pm at our booth.

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