Sugatsune DSR Series- Recessed or Concealed Door Straighteners to Prevent Future Warp

Announcing the DSR Series: Warped Door Straightener & Prevention Hardware

May 15th, 2019 – Carson, Calif. Say goodbye to the common problem of warped cabinet doors. Protect your doors from future warping under heat or humidity with Sugatsune’s new warped door straightener solutions, the DSR Series.

The DSR Series is ideal for use in virtually all instances of tall wooden cabinetry, including large kitchen cabinets, laundry room cabinets, display cases, armoires, bookcases, closets, and garage cabinets—essentially any application, residential or commercial, where door bowing is likely to occur (or has already occurred).

Our design is compatible with swinging doors, sliding doors, and laterally-opening doors.

Prevent & Correct Warped Doors

The DSR Series is available in four models:

  • DSR701: This is a surface mount corrective model for retrofitting existing cabinet doors that have already warped. It can also be recessed with the proper modifications. The DSR701 corrects most warped doors cleanly and without damaging the wood. Black and silver finish options are available.
  • DSR213-1524-25: This is a recessed straightener, installed during production, to prevent cabinet doors from warping. A white plastic cover is included; the rod itself has a plain steel finish, and the adjuster hardware features a nickel finish.
  • DSR403-1524-25: This is a fully-concealed straightener, installed during production, to prevent warped cabinet doors. It is pressure-fitted into place, and no screws are required for installation. Steel and nickel finish.
  • DSR423-1524-25: This is also a fully-concealed straightener installed during production, but differs in that, instead of being pressure-fitted, it comes with optional mounting holes for attaching the brace to the door with hardware. Steel and nickel finish.

Each model has four different versions available to accommodate doors of different lengths (from 48” to 111”), except for the DSR701, which has two length options (and supports doors from 56” to 86”).

A Stylish, Minimal Look Suited to Many Decors

All four DSR Series warped door straightener solutions have a clean, modern, minimalistic profile, being either fully concealed or having a slim profile that lends itself well to virtually any decor or setting.

Each kit is available to install either recessed or concealed, as mentioned, and can be used in hollow wood panel applications. We recommend assembly under the cover of wood veneers for a truly out-of-the-way finished product. With the fully-concealed models, in particular, the end user never even needs to know that a given door contains straightening hardware.

The High-Quality, Durable Construction You Expect from Sugatsune

Our DSR Series warped door straightener models all feature a strong steel core rod with lightweight aluminum casing. Our purpose is simple: We strive to deliver excellent quality and style to the end-user while providing you with product durability that adds value to a project.

Say goodbye to warped cabinet doors once and for all, with the DSR series by Sugatsune America.

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