New Home Office Designs

Posted On Aug 24th 2020

New Home Office Designs

Modern Home Office Designs

Is this scene familiar? You wake up early in the morning to make breakfast and get the kids ready, but instead of rushing them off to school, you rush to set up computers in various rooms throughout the house so they can join their class activities online. Then, before you have a chance to sip your morning coffee, that all too familiar ringtone on your computer goes off, signaling an unplanned discussion with your coworkers that you need to join. The silver-lining? You don’t have to fight traffic getting to work because, in today’s world, many are now working from home.

If you are like many people, what used to be known as the den, the TV room, or the playroom, is now a place where you set up your laptop for work. As the new normal forces people to do their work from home, we’ve all had to design home office spaces out of our private spaces to create a quiet place to work. Have you been struggling to convert your own home into a work environment? Sugatsune America has been innovating our products to help! Learn more about how we make creating modern home office designs easy today.

Experimenting for Success

Although we’re not sure how long most people will be working from home, it seems like even post-COVID, many people are continuing to work from home. If you’re shifting to a more permanent work-from-home situation, it’s time to find a lasting space that you can work in. A modern home office design is the solution to your current makeshift workspace.

Finding a quiet place wasn’t the final solution when designing the ideal home office space. After a couple of weeks, we began noticing that the conveniences we had at work weren’t the same in our homes. Maybe you need a new coffee maker, maybe you only have one desktop monitor instead of two, maybe your chair at home isn’t as ergonomic as the one at the office. Whatever the issue, many people are experiencing similar problems, encouraging the growing trend in the A & D community of developing comfortable, modern home office designs.

Overcoming Design Challenges

a home office against a brick wall 

For many, space is the first challenge in creating their home office space designs — especially for those who live in an urban setting. They don’t have an extra room that can serve as an office, so they’re forced to work on the couch or in the kitchen. Some people choose to move outdoors to find the quiet serenity they need to work. People want to be close to nature, so they’re building outdoor kitchens and living spaces to accommodate their needs. Therefore, the outdoor office seems to be the next progression.

Hardware Trends

In recent months, we have seen an uptick in sales of stainless-steel hardware products. Many are used in outdoor kitchen projects, but we are also starting to hear from the design community a discussion of applying these products to create outdoor modern home office designs. Clients have started coming to designers and architects with a vision of creating unique places to work, an expression or an extension of themselves. From converting areas in the garage where the office can double as a workshop to add-ons to patios and in backyards where they feel more creative inspiration can take place, whatever their desire, the possibilities are endless.

Finding High-Quality Hardware

304 Stainless Steel hinge 

For modern home office designs and beyond, the critical element of transforming dreams into reality is high-quality hardware that can withstand the elements outdoors while providing unique functionality and connection to the space they are trying to create. One example is the EB-303/EP stainless steel bracket. Made from a non-corrosive 304 stainless steel, this folding bracket allows users to conveniently store a desk while holding up to 660 lbs at the midpoint when in use. New for 2020, the EB303/EP has an easy release accessory that can be added to help fold down a desk that is longer than a person’s reach. And for security for your outdoor office, Sugatsune America is running its largest special ever on stainless steel 40x40 butt hinges that feature a non-removable pin.

a brightly-lit white room with flowers in vases

If you’re on the hunt for products that will make outdoor modern home office design easier, Sugatsune is here to help. Contact us at 800-562-5267 to learn more about any of our over 6,000 products stocked here in the U.S.

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