National Restaurant Association Virtual Trade Show

Today’s world poses many unprecedented challenges. Challenges are especially prevalent in the food and beverage industry. To help you adapt to these changes, Sugatsune has a variety of new innovative hardware and NSF-certified components designed for both the front and back of the house in restaurants. 

Technology in Hardware

Sugatsune is creating the future with quality hardware solutions and motion design technology that makes a safe, ergonomic, and enjoyable experience. It also adds value to your products, enabling easy installations and adjustments. Our motion design tech relevant to the National Restaurant Association show includes:

  • Soft-motion tech for smooth movement of swing doors and lids: We pioneered this in the 1980s and used it to design the first soft-down toilet seats that didn’t slam. We then introduced it to the kitchen and bathroom industry and the office furniture market leading the global soft-closing trend.
  • Power-assist motion tech to help you open doors and lids: You can use these in soft-close bar top closers (up to 442 lbs/in torque), fold-out tables, and folding brackets (a pair supports up to 880 lbs). 
  • Free-stop motion tech to hold food equipment doors, or lids open: We started developing this in the 2000s by integrating soft-close and lift-assist technology and have continued to incorporate this technology throughout our line-up . 
  • New openings technology for unique opening motion: We continue to develop this today by creating solutions that challenge the conventional ways doors, lids and flaps function. Often to save space, provide improved access or to create a wow moment when operating, these innovative systems also integrate our soft-close and lift-assist technology making them a creative solution to design challenges. 

Product Categories

Through our motion design tech, we have developed over 500 NSF-certified products to serve restaurant designers and food equipment manufacturers. Here are our product categories that the audience at the National Restaurant Association shows may find interesting.

  • Hinges
  • Torque dampers
  • Lid supports
  • Catches and latches
  • Drawer slides
  • Brackets
  • Panel mounting systems
  • Handles and pull knobs
  • Hooks
  • Casters and leveling glides
  • Locks
  • Enclosures
  • Sliding door hardware

Choosing the proper hardware depends on torque and application, among other factors. Our customer service and engineering team is always happy to help you. All you have to do is provide door dimensions and weight. 

Benefits of Our Restaurant Equipment Hardware


Most restaurants are busy and fast-paced. In such an environment, having an accident or injury while operating equipment or rushing to serve clients occurs frequently. Our soft-close and lift-assist technology, presented at the National Restaurant Association show, will make your restaurant space or equipment safer and easier to use. 

Sanitation and cleaning

Our 304 Stainless Steel and other NSF-certified hardware help you develop systems that prevent contamination and enable proper waste management and workflow design. You can use them to create work surfaces, equipment, and storage areas. Our lids and grommets, load-rated brackets, utility hooks, and easy-clean hinges mainly aid with restaurant hygiene and organization. These advance the National Restaurant Association show’s mission of growing a thriving food service community in the US.

Once you install our stainless steel hardware, you must clean it appropriately to maintain its spotless appearance. 


Features in our restaurant equipment hardware that promote ergonomics include torque hinges (to position signages), lift-assist and soft-close technology, handles, and hooks. These help make cook stations, food prep stations, and server and host stations. 

Other ergonomic hardware solutions we offer include space-saving door systems like sliding and lateral opening doors. These use elements like our hidden door hinges, which can support up to 275 pounds, and saloon hinges that allow you to push the door open from whatever direction you approach it.

To learn more about our restaurant equipment hardware, visit our digital resources or contact us to speak to our representatives.

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