Delivering Safety and Convenience

Posted On Aug 18th 2020

Delivering Safety and Convenience

Keeping Safety in the Workplace Top of Mind

Sugatsune’s New Heavy Duty Lift Assist Countertop Damper


Say no to slamming fingers and unreliable hardware. The conventions for liftable bar countertop designs are taking a step forward in performance and safety with a new Sugatsune innovation: The LADH, Heavy Duty Lift Assist Damper.

LADH is the perfect solution for lift-up countertop passages, and greatly improves safety in the workplace surrounding injuries (and damage) caused by these lift-up panels.

What Is LADH?

The LADH Heavy Duty Lift Assist Damper is a design solution intended for countertop bars, reception desks, and any commercial food equipment station with liftable panels. These environments tend to share in common a fast pace and a need for multitasking, which can lead to situations where the lifted panel falls unexpectedly, or doesn’t open as intended, causing accidents and injuries.

This is an inherent problem with liftable bar countertop designs, but it can be mitigated. With the LADH System, Sugatsune continues to promote safety in the workplace and help people build a unique, convenient work environment.

LADH features lift-assist and soft-down functions that are designed to make it easy and safe for users to lift up countertop openings. The LADH System will hold panels open at 95 degrees without the chance of slamming on anyone’s fingers when closed.

How Does LADH Work?

Sugatsune is known for their Motion Design Tech® innovation which is based on five specialized motions. This design principle ensures that bar countertop designs with liftable segments have superior, controlled motion. Uncontrolled motion is the source of many workplace accidents!

The five types of specialized motion are:

  • Soft-Motion: Provides a safe, quiet and smooth movement
  • Free-Stop Motion: Controlled movement to various positions
  • Lift-Assist Motion: Technology to make heavy lifting not so heavy
  • Click Motion: Tactile feedback to locate various stops
  • Unique Motion: Adjustability to adapt to various torque moments

Incorporating all five of these specialized motions, the LADH System holds true to giving you heavy-duty hardware with simple, responsive, “light to the touch” movement to provide convenience and satisfaction. This truly is a step forward in bar countertop designs!

  • For complete technical information on our LADH Heavy Duty Lift Assist Damper, or on any of our catalog of 6,000+ products, please contact our team of experts!

Easy to Install

Manufactured with convenience in mind both in terms of daily use and initial installation/maintenance, the LADH System is easily surface-mounted. This means it can be retrofitted into existing setups as easily as it can be incorporated into new construction.

Once again, Sugatsune America has engineered a hardware mechanism that ensures peace of mind and safety in the workplace. When it comes to liftable bar countertop designs, choose LADH for your development or renovation project!

About Sugatsune America, Inc.

With a heritage dating back to 1930 and established in 1982, Sugatsune America Inc. is ISO 9001 certified and has a rich tradition of manufacturing and distributing Japanese quality hardware, designed around universal design.

Our new LADH System has raised the bar for bar countertop designs and safety in the workplace in hospitality settings, but this is nothing out of the ordinary for us: Sugatsune America stocks over 6,000 unique parts in the U.S. to provide the highest level of service and improve work environments for workers and stakeholders alike.

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