FunKey: The New Retro Gaming

Posted On Aug 9th 2021

FunKey: The New Retro Gaming

The gaming industry has been around for decades bringing entertainment to children and adults of all ages and it only continues to grow. We have seen a huge increase in the quality of games over the years that graphics for games are more lifelike than ever. Games are everywhere and widely played from TV devices, computer games to games on your handheld device. According to Investopedia article by Andrew Beattie, he stated, “Analysts predict that by 2022, the gaming industry will generate $196 billion in revenue. As such, tech companies are look- ing to get involved in this revenue stream. Tech giants such as Google (GOOGL), Facebook (FB), and Apple (AAPL), have all made plays to enter the video game industry.”


  FunKey is a new handheld retro gaming system that allows for 10 types of consoles to be played by one small device. It might be small but it is powerful. This small device is equipped with Sugatsune’s micro detent hinge, the MPH. This is system that plays older “retro” games and can be carried around on a key chain . Its fold-able designed was created to protect the screen on the device and keypad but it also allows the screen to be at its largest size possible. The MPH hinge is a very compact hinge that is suitable for clamshell type devices. It has a 160 degree opening and a detent catch in open and closed positions. It is an easy snap-in feature for the quickest assembly. Along with handheld gaming devices, Sugatsune products are great for casino slot machines used for doors to access the inside of the machines for maintenance work. The new MLG is a compact slide system used where internal space is limited and high precision operation is required. Also stainless steel locks and latches can be used for door security while opening and closing.


  As manufacturing companies begin to pick up again after a long year of slow operation, many companies are finding ways to cut down on costs and operate more efficiently. This process is called lean operations and it is meant to improve work flow and increase profits. So think, less is more, using less products and materials and giving you the most results. With this being said that means all products used to work machines and work flow need to be safe and convenient which is what Sugatsune’s hardware products stand by. With a lineup of over 6,000 products, Sugatsune is sure to have a product to ease the function of anything from a tiny gaming device to large machinery.

Learn more about the FunKey Project here

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