High-End Performance in a Foldable Shelf Bracket

Save space with these elegant aluminum foldable shelf brackets. The 38845-25 folding bracket offers sturdy, high-quality performance for the end user and the long-lasting durability that you expect from Sugatsune.

The brackets are very easy to operate: They lock into position automatically whenever the flap is fully extended into the opened position. To release the lock and fold the shelf down, simply press the lever on the bracket. With a load capacity of up to 132 pounds (including the weight of the shelving itself), these folding brackets are well-suited for many uses in homes and businesses.

These folding brackets also make excellent drop leaf supports and can be used in a variety of other applications as well.

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Foldable Shelf Bracket Specs (Model 38845-25)

Multiple sizes are available. The specs for this model (38845-25) are as follows:

Load Capacity: 60 kg (132 lbs.)

Shelf / Panel Thickness: 19/32” – 1-3/8” (15 – 35 mm)

Shelf Depth1: 16-13/16” – 17-51/64”  (427 – 452 mm)

Max. Shelf Width, 1 Bracket: 23-5/8” (600 mm)

Max. Shelf Width, 2 Brackets: 51-3/16” (1300 mm)

Bracket Length When Extended2: 16-61/64” (430.8 mm)

Bracket Length When Folded2: 10-11/64” (258.5 mm)

Total Vertical Height to Shelf Bottom3: 5-1/8” (130 mm)

Finish: Anodized

  1. Includes  63/64” – 1-31/32” (25 – 50 mm) for non-foldable supporting lip.
  2. As measured between pivot points.
  3. Allow 25/64” (10 mm) additional clearance on the bottom.
ITEM NO.38845-25
Weight 266 g
Dimensions 446 × 77 × 50 mm
Load Capacity (kg)


Load Capacity (lbs)


Max. Shelf Depth (mm)


Overall Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Weight (g)
430.8 mm 77 mm 50 mm 266 g


Component Material Finish