Posted On Apr 10th 2022


with a Successful 2022 KBIS/IBS Show 

This year, 2022 marks the 40th anniversary for Japanese hardware manufacturer Sugatsune in America. It will also be remembered as the successful return of live exhibits for the kitchen and bath industry. Despite early predictions that attendance at the show would be down, this year’s KBIS/IBS show seemed to be quite the opposite.  In fact, according to the show organizers, attendance reached upwards of 70,000 this year.  

“Heading into this year’s Kitchen and Bath show, we wondered about the impact of COVID-19 and the Omicron variant on turnout” says Vice President of Sales and Marketing Curtis Nakamura. “From building up additional inventory to reorganizing our staff to remain operational, our top priority since the onset of COVID has been to support people who rely on our products. We know that many show goers rely on KBIS to find new solutions and we based our decision to exhibit on making sure that we were there to help the trade find the right ones.

Like for many of the exhibitors, this year’s KBIS/IBS show was a success for Sugatsune America, Inc. Visitors from all over the country stopped by the booth to check out the latest hardware solutions for 2022. On center stage was the ALL New MFU1200 flush sliding door system that attracted much attention.  At the heart of this impressive system is an innovative roller carriage designed to ride smoothly along a concealed upper track. This carriage features a two-way dampening system that prevents doors from being slammed when they are opened or closed. When closed, the unique design of the carriage allows it to travel along a curve which pulls the doors forward when closing, disappearing in line with the adjacent walls. A “wow” factor that attracted the attention of many show goers.

Another popular item at the Sugatsune booth was the newly launched FD80 pocket door system. This revolutionary sliding door system was designed to allow easy access to all the hardware components without having to break open the pocket. You can even change the door by simply taking out the part of the track in the door opening. Like the MFU1200, there is a 2-way dampening system incorporated in a smooth rolling carriage that prevents the door from slamming when it is opened or closed.

Not a brand-new product but seemed to still be an industry favorite was Sugatsune’s unique opening, Lateral Opening Door System. This series includes hardware that supports the lateral opening of doors ranging from lower cabinets to large, full-size doors weighing 200 lbs. The smallest of the group, the LIN-X450 attracted the most attention showing how you can maximize the access into a corner cabinet without having to invest in a Lazy Susan. And because the doors open laterally, it requires only 9-5/16” of clearance to open them; a great solution for Aging in Place designs or in areas where space is a constraint.

As more people look for ways to minimize touches throughout the home, office or commercial spaces, push to open latches were used throughout Sugatsune’s booth. One impressive push to open door latch was the ML-ZN80 which is designed in a small, sleek package that is easy to install.  You simply line up the mounting plate to the edge of the cabinet, mark your holes and affix it. Then the body of the latch easily clips into place and you’re done. What is most impressive about the new ML-ZN80 is that there is 11 kg of push force meaning that this small piece of hardware has the strength to push open a 200 lb door.

Sugatsune showed off many other solutions that impressed visitors including a new line up of decorative brass hooks and handles as well as door straighteners which can be pre-installed or retrofitted to easily fix warped doors with a turn of an Allen Key. Thanks to visitors including Matt Risinger and his Build Show production team making an appearance to review many of Sugatsune’s new products, visitors flocked to the booth to check them all out for themselves. And since it was Matt Risinger, you know there was a lot of discussions about the HES3D Concealed Hinge series for hidden doors. The latest of this series is the ALL NEW 3-hour UL rated, wide throw HES3D-W190 which was designed for cladded door applications. Matt and his followers have asked for a version that can accommodate mirrors, shiplap and other materials being used to up the designs of hidden doors and Sugatsune’s engineers were able to respond.

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