Sliding Door Hardware Systems

We all know that doors are meant to divide interior spaces for security, convenience, and privacy. With today’s competition for space in homes, offices, and industrial spaces, sliding doors are growing in popularity to stylishly separate spaces while saving overall space.

Sugatsune provides architectural sliding door hardware solutions for interior wood and glass panel sliding doors. Hardware malfunction is a common problem with sliding and pocket doors. The rollers or track system may have an issue if your door does not slide easily. These often make the door squeak or scrape. Also, it’s common for pocket doors to get stuck, making it hard to close.

Given these challenges, Sugatsune developed an all-new, no-headache pocket door hardware system that eliminates the need to break open a pocket if you must make any adjustments or change out a door. This makes it far easier to attend to the above defects should they arise. Moreover, our sliding door kits are easy to install and are cycle-tested to ensure durability. Therefore, although we make fixing your pocket or sliding door easy, it may take several years before you have any issues with our hardware.

Many of our systems boast premium features, such as the two-way soft-close, which provides users with a safe and luxurious experience that lasts for years. We also offer heavy-duty systems that give you a smooth and gentle feel when operating more oversized, heavier doors.

Choose Sugatsune sliding door hardware for your next project and experience unique design, precision engineering, and unparalleled quality.

Standard Close Sliding and Pocket Door Hardware

Sliding and pocket doors provide a safe and elegant way to move from one room to the next. Design alternatives with glass panels and wood frames make them ideal for homes, offices, restaurants, hotels, and other commercial establishments.

Our sliding door systems offer superior and upscale performance with a modern touch and long-lasting quality. These enhance your living spaces and keep your doors sliding gracefully for years.

Our individual sliding and pocket door hardware components include tracks, rollers, sliding door bottom guides, v-rails, stoppers, end covers, brackets, and dampers. In addition, we offer complete sliding door kits that combine most of these parts into one unit.

Flush Sliding Door Hardware

Designed to quickly and quietly close flush against surrounding walls, the Monoflat Unison™ sliding door system provides a clean appearance when closed. It also offers unique motion as the door moves inwards first, then slides sideways to open. It’s perfect for walk-in closets, hidden entryways, and large pantry doors. This flush sliding door framework uses an innovative, heavy-duty sliding door track design that requires no bottom rails or guides on the floor. These provisions typically get in the way.

Besides, you do not need any handles to open or close the door. The top rail is kinked at the closing end to enable you to open the door by pushing it in sideways. While closing, the catch function pulls the door towards the jamb, ensuring it shuts entirely without you applying force. That eliminates the common pocket door hardware problem of handles breaking when you force shut a stuck door.

Our professional sales team can help you custom-design your flush sliding door system to attain your desired look. If you want the door to appear hidden and blend thoroughly into the wall when closed, we have options that do not require door handles. These are easy to push open without a handle.

Synchronized Sliding Pocket Door Hardware

Using its patented self-close technology, Sugatsune created an advanced, precision-engineered, synchronized sliding door hardware system that allows two hanging doors to meet in the middle. Opening or closing one pocket door will smoothly and quietly move the second door with minimum effort. Our innovative design features double-concealed, heavy-duty, sliding door top track hardware and clear threshold-concealed bottom guides. These ensure smooth, synchronized, bi-parting opening and closing of wood or glass door panels.

Along with pocket door hardware, Sugatsune creates innovative bi-folding door hardware and systems and hinges and hardware for conventional doors. Many of these feature our patented soft-close or self-close technology.

Standard Hardware Sizes

Sugatsune focuses on creating solutions that allow builders to continue inventing new creations that improve the quality of life. As a result, we offer hardware that enables you to come up with doors of custom sizes and weights within reasonable limits.

For instance, for most sliding doors 200 lbs and below, our sliding door systems support a maximum height of 2,700 mm and a minimum thickness of between 27 and 34 mm. Although our systems have no strict height limitations, our present ones can support weights of up to 275 lbs for heavy-duty hardware and 600 kg for super heavy-duty hardware. Review our sliding door hardware brochure for a complete guide on the weight and size limitations.

Our hardware is made from aluminum, stainless steel, steel, plastic, zinc alloy, POM, or rubber. It comes in anodized silver, plain, anodized, silver, black, chromate, yellow zinc chromate, satin, and satin chrome finishes. If our options do not suit your needs, our team will always work with you to develop custom hardware that perfectly fits your project.

Our Sliding Door Hardware Parts

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We stock over 6,000 industrial hardware products locally in America. That ensures low wait times on orders and guarantees you’ll find the parts you need for your project. Explore our precision-engineered sliding and pocket door hardware line by visiting our digital resources, featuring extensive product literature and downloadable CAD files. You can also contact our experts to find your ideal sliding door systems.