Standard Close Sliding Door Hardware

Find Sliding Door Systems & Components

Keep doors sliding gracefully for years to come with Sugatsune’s high-performance and heavy duty sliding door systems. Here you will find individual hardware components for all of our Standard Close sliding door models, including the:

  • FD30
  • FD80
  • LM-80
  • SDR-A
  • SDR-A125
  • SDR-A300
  • SDR-RA80
  • SDR-RA80-SYN

Some of the individual components you can find here include:

  • Tracks
  • V rails
  • Stoppers
  • Brackets
  • Rollers
  • Dampers
  • End covers
  • Sliding door bottom guides

In addition to individual hardware components, you will also find the complete kits for several of these sliding door systems, which include most (but not necessarily all) of the various components together.

NOTE: To fully prepare your sliding door installation, check out our Sliding & Folding Door Hardware Catalog to verify which specific parts you will need and/or prefer.

You can also contact us for assistance!


FacetWp Door Max. Thickness (mm)
Max. Door Thickness (mm)
Bar Diameter (mm)
Load Capacity (kg)
Glass Thickness (mm)
Load Capacity (kgf)
Center to Center Length (mm)
Load Capacity (lbs)
Magnetic Force (lbs)
Holding Force (lbs)
Retaining Force (lbs)
Push In Force (lbs)
Door Max Height (inch)
Door Min. Height (inch)
Door Max. Weight (lbs)
Door Min. Height (inch)
Door Max. Weight (lbs)
Door Max. Width (inch)
Door Min. Width (inch)
Door Min. Thickness (inch)
Door Max Torque (lb-in)
Door Min Torque (lb-in)
Load Capacity (lbs/pair)
Load Range (lbs/pr)
Handle Depth (inches)
Damper Torque (lbs-in)
Torque Variation (lbs-in)
Positive Catch
Positive Lock
Positive Stop
Soft Close
For Drywall
Undermount Hook
Multi-Prong Hook
Million Lock
Master Keying Availability

Sliding Doors Add Calmness, Modernity, and a Touch of Luxury

Sliding doors, also known as pocket doors, add a sense of calm to enhance living spaces and upscale commercial places, offering the feeling of a luxurious, modern, and welcoming environment.

Install our sliding door systems in new-build projects to add a premium look to any space. We’ve also designed these systems to be a simple and easy upgrade on existing doors, making it convenient and low-hassle to add a modern touch to any home or office space.

What Is “Standard Close”?

We make several types of Sliding Door Systems. “Standard Close” refers to the simplest types of sliding doors, which:

  1. Feature linear left–right movement, as contrasted with our Folding Door Systems.
  2. Move freely on their track, as contrasted with our Synchronized Door Systems.

These doors offer smooth, precise movement, thanks to the precision-engineered rollers, tracks, and sliding door bottom guide designs.

Soft-Close Option Available

Most of our Standard Close sliding door systems offer a baseline model as well as a Dual Soft-Close variant, which takes the same system and adds soft-close damper mechanisms on either end to ensure that the doors will never slam when opened or shut.

Let Sugatsune Improve Your Space

Sugatsune provides high-performance architectural solutions to maintain your peaceful home or office environment and keep your doors and cabinets sliding slowly and quietly. Our synchronized sliding door hardware mechanisms establish a sense of tranquility with a few minor tweaks in your space. Let our team step in to give you a modern and classic touch for your commercial or residential space.

Tried, Tested, and True

We consistently strive for superior durability and performance in all the products we design, from the big picture down to the humblest sliding door bottom guide. Sugatsune pocket door hardware is made to endure and resist rusting or wear over the years. All moving parts are cycle tested to ensure they will last.

Convenient installation, low-hassle maintenance, Universal Design principles of accessibility and ease of use, and smooth, luxurious performance for the end user round out our design philosophy to yield the best products on the market.

Open the Door for Sugatsune

Sugatsune America is proud to have 40 years of service helping architects, project managers, developers, contractors, and other builders bring their project visions to life. You will never go wrong with good hardware that makes the user happy to use and promises to stand up to the test of time. From our sliding door systems, to hooks, handles, latches, and more, Sugatsune’s hardware elevates any project—functionally, economically, and aesthetically.

We are an AS9120 B and ISO 9001:2015 certified company, making products suitable for use in homes, businesses, offices, retail spaces, institutional settings, and on ships and airplanes. Our catalog of over 6,000 hardware products grows every year to meet the needs of professionals like you who are always looking for that elusive mixture of durability, presentation, and performance.

Sugatsune pocket door hardware is in inventory now and ready to ship at your convenience. Contact us with any questions you have about our sliding door systems or individual components such as our sliding door bottom guide models, or get started with our Sliding & Folding Door Hardware Catalog.