A Superior Dual-Axis, Fold-Down Table Hinge

The HG-TMH Series fold-down table hinge is actually two different torque hinges in one. Each hinge provides 90° of rotation, for a total of 180°. This design is ideal for a number of space-efficient applications:

  • Temporary extra counter space
  • Fold-down tables and trays
  • Multifunctional workstations

This model is HG-TMH2030-SN, which has a Satin Nickel finish and Shaft A torque of 20.4 kgf⋅cm (2 N⋅m).

Other Versions Available

We also have this satin nickel dual-axis friction hinge available in a Chrome or Black finish, and we have all three finishes available in a version with a lower Shaft A torque of 15.3 kgf⋅cm (1.5 N⋅m).


Completely Flat: The Ultimate Concealed Torque Hinge

Thanks to its dual-axis design, the HG-TMH Series folding counter / folding tray table position hinge is as unobtrusive as possible: Neither the hinge shafts nor any other component protrude when the hinge is in the fully opened or fully closed position.

  • This means the hinge surface is completely flat and flush with the ends of the folding table pieces. No fold-down table hinge is more out-of-the-way!

When opening or closing the folding piece, each hinge operates in sequence, with different torque values so that one doesn’t start moving until you’ve finished moving the other one. This is for safety and ease of operation.

Resistive Torque for Full Positional Control

And because it’s a torque hinge (i.e., a friction or resistance hinge), with the HG-TMH Series fold-down table hinge you have full positional control: You can set the folding piece in any intermediate position and leave it there safely.

The resistance from the torque on this folding tray table position hinge also means that opening and closing the folding piece is safer and more comfortable, without the wobble and jerkiness of conventional hinges.

Integrate High-Performance Sugatsune Hardware into Your Project

The HG-TMH Series HG-TMH2030-SN satin nickel dual-axis friction hinge carries on the Sugatsune tradition of precision hardware engineered for durability, aesthetic luxury, and superior performance for the end user.

It’s an outstanding value proposition for any project manager or architect looking to add value to their design. We carry over 6,000 pieces of high-end hardware designed in response to the needs of our customers.

Contact us if you have any questions on our fold-down table hinge or any of our other products!

Damper Torque (kgf-cm)


Damper Torque (N-m)




Max. Opening Angle (degree)


Overall Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Weight (g)
43.5 mm 55 mm 16.75 mm 165 g


Component Material Finish
Main Body A/B Zinc Alloy (ZDC) Satin Nickel
Intermediate Body Zinc Alloy (ZDC) Satin Nickel
Sleeve PBT Black
Bumper PBT Black

Certain CAD files are not available for download from our website. Please email us at support@sugatsune.com with the product name and desired file format and we can email it to you.


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