Standard Profile Range Panel Mounting Clip Systems

Add style and convenience to your walls and ceilings with a panel mounting system that functions for any setting. Fastmount® panel clips can be fitted in any sequence, offering an endless variety of permutations. Watch your luxury vision come to life, whether you’re creating a commercial office space or a cozy residential room.

Standard Profile Range

Sugatsune knows your design vision is all in the framework. With our easy systems, you can mount panels directly into a variety of materials, including concrete walls and ceilings. Find all the tools you need for easy installation of your panel mounting system. We offer durable products that maintain their quality for years, ensuring the longevity of your designs.

Thousands of Hardware Products

Sugatsune has been trusted as a worldwide authority on precision-engineered hardware since 1930. Discover thousands of hardware accessories, including a standard profile panel mounting system to make mounting easy. Enhance safety with flame-resistant clips, or find accessories suited for industrial or commercial use. Sugatsune has decades of experience in finding hardware solutions.

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Our range of panel clips is unparalleled in the industry. To learn more about our range of products and mounting systems, consult our digital resources, or contact our experts to find the right solution to your creative challenges.