Invisible Cabinet Hinges and Accessories

Why You Need Sugatsune’s Concealed Hinges

  • They give your furniture a continuous modern look. 
  • They can be adjusted after hanging the cabinet doors for increased stability.
  • They are secured firmly inside your cabinet.
  • They allow you to remove cabinet doors without removing or displacing the hinge.
  • They can be used for wood or glass swinging doors. 

How to Choose Invisible Cabinet Hinges

The kind of concealed cabinet hinges you need depends on your door’s size, weight and type of overlay. From concealed European cup hinges with various overlay specs to heavy duty hinges that can support cabinet doors up to 35-½” wide to our sleek line up of invisible hinges we can help you find the right solution for your application. 

Our invisible cabinet hinges feature:

  1. 3-Way adjustability making the installation easy and ensuring even reveals on all sides of the cabinet door.
  2. The hinge leaves are designed to separate providing easy installation of your door.
  3. Can manage cabinet doors weighing 19.8 lbs (9 kg) with 2 hinges or up to 26.4 lbs (12 kg) with 3 hinges.
  4. These cabinet invisible hinges are designed for doors with a minimum thickness of ¾” (19 mm) that span 47-¼” in height by 23-⅝” in width.
  5. Available brackets to allow for use on glass showcase doors

. Due to their design, invisible cabinet hinges will modernize your cabinet, 3D printer or analytical equipment and best of all, will ensure that it functions for a long-time. 

Get Sugatsune’s Concealed Cabinet Hinges

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