Integrated Shelving Systems

Easily Adjustable

Make an investment and create an open feel while still maximizing every corner of the room. Our integrated wall shelving systems are easily adjusted with a wall panel addition and high-mobility shelves that can be rearranged to suit your newest look. Remodel easily by simply moving your shelves and adding more as needed.

Commercial or Residential Use

Sugatsune’s shelving hardware is created with our team’s most innovative design strategies for a luxury appearance. We take pride in precision-manufacturing each of our wall shelving systems to create a modern and professional look. Each design is unique and built to suit both architectural or industrial applications.

Start Your Project Today

Let our team assess your project, large or small, and help you choose a system that makes sense for your design. Request a catalog or consult one of our specialists for further guidance in placing your order with Sugatsune America.