Hanger Organizers

Regardless of your type of closet, sufficient closet space can make or mess up the organization of your home. Imagine having to sift through a heap of clothes whenever you need to find clothes for an appointment. Finding tiny items like socks, ties, or scarves would be very difficult in such an environment. That would save a lot of your time, and staying in such a disorganized space would likely ruin your mood every time you step into your room. For these reasons, we often need solutions like extension rods for closets to increase our closets’ storage space.

Extending Closet Rods and Hanger Racks

Looking for an extending closet rod or hanger rack? Explore Sugatsune’s premium lineup of garment closet accessories. We offer versions of clothes hanger rods that extend, swing or are fixed. All of these will maximize space in any closet or wardrobe. 

Our fixed hangers give you additional space to hang a few extra clothes. Also, they come with a hole at the tip, which allows you to suspend a rod between two fixed hangers. That increases the hanging capacity of your closet by up to 100%. This space works perfectly if the existing extension rod for your closet has a minimum clearance of 66 inches. With this clearance, you should comfortably hang your shirts on the top rod and trousers on the lower one, approximately 35 inches below it. 

Opt for our swinging hangers if your existing rod needs more space below it. These require only a small spot on the roof or wall of your closet to fix. Once positioned, use your standard cloth hangers to hang clothes on the slots on the swinging hangers. 

Sugatsune also manufactures tie racks that will provide additional organization to your closet. Check out our lineup of extension rods for closets and garment hanger racks and identify items to incorporate into your room or closet upgrade project.

Premium Hanger Racks for Closets

Sugatsune’s extension rods for closets and hanger racks will help your room stand out. Our closet accessories and garment hanger racks are made from durable materials and are easy to install. That makes it ideal for do-it-yourself projects, as well as for commercial applications.

Closet Organization Solutions

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Call today for expert advice on the exact extension rods you need for your closet.