Folding Door Hardware Systems

Sugatsune provides a comprehensive lineup of folding door hardware and bifolding doors that are durable and designed for high-quality performance. Our folding door solutions can help create a modern and welcoming atmosphere in your home or commercial space. Unlike sliding doors, bifolding ones take up very little wall space when folded back. That is because they converge on each other, allowing you almost completely to open your walls. They are the perfect solution for small spaces. 

Sugatsune offers a range of folding door systems with various mounting options and configurations to give you the flexibility to find the right solution. We make aligning two- and four-door panels simple without sacrificing style. Our bifolding doors are made from aluminum, stainless steel, and polyacetal. These are all durable and give you doors that will serve you for long without needing repairs. 

In addition, many of our hardware products include modern soft-close technology for a peaceful environment free of noise and friction. Also, our doors come in plain, nickel, chromate, and anodized silver finishes to make it easier for you to match them with your space’s other architectural features. With our contemporary designs and high-quality product offerings, you can easily accessorize your bifolding doors with various handle styles that complement your project.

Precision Engineering & Design Since 1930

Since 1930, Sugatsune has been a trusted source for precision-engineered hardware solutions such as folding door hardware. From architectural and furniture hardware to industrial components for food, medical equipment, transportation, and aerospace, you can find the right solution to help build your creations. 

Sugatsune America is AS9120 B and ISO 9001:2015 certified and distributes unique products that create convenience and satisfaction for people worldwide. We stock over 6,000 products in our United States warehouses, ensuring you find whatever hardware you need within short periods. Please consult our digital resources, featuring extensive product literature and downloadable CAD files, or contact our experts to find the right solution to your creative engineering challenges.


What types of bifolding door products does Sugatsune offer, and how can I choose the right one for my project? 

Sugatsune offers a diverse line of hardware to help you build your bifolding door. It is available in various styles, finishes, and component hardware functionalities. To choose the proper accessories for a door, you must know its design and material and consider any aesthetic preferences. Please contact our experts if you need help deciding which items to get. They will walk you through the details of our products via phone or email.

Are Sugatsune’s bifolding door handles suitable for outdoor use?

Yes, our bifold door handles are manufactured from stainless steel, which is highly corrosion-resistant. This makes them ideal for use on patio and garden doors. In addition, Sugatsune’s handles are engineered from durable material, increasing their longevity even in the face of harsh weather.

What Holds Your Bifolding Doors in Place?

Bifold doors are joined into pairs by hinges. To install the doors, you first need to install a track incorporating a wheeled mechanism for smooth gliding. Our folding door kit also includes the pivots, which work together to keep your folding door in place. 

Which folding door hardware should I choose for a smooth glide?

When choosing a folding door system, it is essential to consider the type of track system, the number of panels, and whether you want soft-close dampening. Sugatsune incorporates all these elements into its hardware, ensuring you have smooth gliding doors that serve you well for a long. Folding doors can be expensive and hectic to repair; getting the proper hardware will significantly lower your ownership cost. 

Why do Some Bifolding Doors Drop or Refuse to Close?

Like sliding doors, bifold ones require accurate installation to function correctly. This is why we provide clear installation instructions and recommend using experienced door installers. Besides bad installation, poor-quality materials quickly deteriorate, leading to problems like cracking, warping, and other damages resulting in malfunctioning. We know these common bifold door challenges, so we maintain the quality of materials we use to produce our hardware. 

Where can I find the details and product dimensions for Sugatsune’s product offerings?

To access Sugatsune’s installation guides and technical specifications for our bifolding doors and folding door hardware, you can visit the individual product pages for details or contact our technical representatives for any technical questions.