Door Stops and Holders

Door stoppers are small yet vital pieces of hardware. They can make a huge difference in your space. This comparably tiny equipment protects entire doors and wall sections from dents and scratches. It comes in different forms, the most common being the floor-mounted and skirting stoppers. 

Sugatsune features a selection of wall-mounted door stops and floor-mounted door stopsThat are engineered for function and durability yet without sacrificing the design aesthetic.

Protect Your Investment

The primary role of a doorstop is to keep your walls and doors new. Any door with quality hinges will likely swing open and shut at incredible speeds. This often results in the door handle and sides hitting the wall behind. The scratches that emerge from this collision start out as minor but grow over time. Since doors are swung all the time, your doors and walls could start looking ugly just months after moving in. 

Install Sugatsune’s wall-mounted door stops and floor-mounted door stops to prevent damage to your walls and doors. Our stainless steel floor stoppers are made of rust-proof material to give you long service. Affix them approximately three inches from the wall to stop the door a safe distance away without narrowing the path too much. The opening should be wide enough to allow you to move big items like tables and chairs comfortably through. 

All our stoppers have a rubber component on the tips or sides to stop the exact damage they prevent by stopping doors from hitting your walls.

Prevent Accidents

You’ve probably seen a door slam shut due to wind. When that happens, the force is usually enough to break a bone. Now imagine that happening when you’re resting your fingers on the door frame while putting on your shoes or picking up your keys. The risk of accidents increases significantly if you have young children. They would suffer much more severe injuries if they were to walk into a closing door. Avoid preventable injuries by installing our floor-mounted door stops.

A Piece of Functional Decor

Sugatsune’s door stoppers are made from quality materials to function well for longer. In addition, our decorative wall-mounted door stops and floor-mounted door stops come in different colors and designs to suit your artistic preferences. A well-selected stopper can match or contrast surfaces, adding to your doorway’s visual appeal. 

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A Heritage of Innovation

Since 1930, Sugatsune has been a trusted source worldwide for precision-engineered original hardware solutions. From residential and commercial architectural and furniture hardware to industrial components for food, medical equipment, transportation, and aerospace, you can find the right and unique solution to help build and show off your creations. Sugatsune America is AS9120 B and ISO 9001:2015 certified and provides over 6,000 unique hardware solutions with a mission to deliver convenience and satisfaction to people.

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