Dead Bolt Locks for Cabinets and Furniture

We use drawers and cabinets to store various personal or confidential items at home or in the workplace when you want to limit access to what is secured in there. If you use them to store hazardous items or pharmaceuticals, you want to ensure that unauthorized people do not access them. If they hold your documents, equipment, or other valuables, you don’t want someone to get in and take these away without your knowledge. Cabinet and drawer locks are an excellent way of restricting the number of people who can open and get items from your cabinets.

Deadbolt Cabinet and Drawer Locks

Sugatsune’s deadbolt cabinet locks will help you secure your project. They combine outstanding designs with enhanced security, which makes them ideal for residential, commercial, or industrial projects. Deadbolt locks are highly secure because they are not spring-activated. That makes it almost impossible to jimmy them open with a credit card or knife blade. 

Our Million Lock Series makes our locks far more secure than your average cabinet and drawer locks. It is designed to accommodate up to one million lock combinations, making it extremely difficult for unwanted people to access. We also offer a lineup of deadbolt cabinet locks that feature interchangeable cylinders. The cylinders are easily replaceable should you lose your keys. All you need is a change tool that removes the core plug while keeping the lock's body in place. 

Sugatsune’s locks are precision-engineered and made with high-quality materials. As a result, they are more reliable than most products in the market. They also come in different colors to match the theme of your displays. Color options include clean white and sleek black. Check out the entire lineup of cabinet locks and find the right deadbolt cabinet and drawer locks for your furniture, cabinetry, and drawers.

Million Lock Series

Sugatsune’s Million Lock Series features a uniquely designed “dimple key” system. In addition to having a cool-looking key, it offers many benefits. First, when the key is inserted, the dimples must align with a set of pins in the lock’s cylinder to release the lock. As a result, the lock is difficult to pick. Second, duplicating the key is almost impossible because of its one million critical possibilities. Lastly, this design provides added convenience since you can insert the key in either direction. The key can also double up as a handle, providing further convenience.

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Explore deadbolt cabinet and drawer locks, along with over 6,000 products in the United States. Please consult our digital resources, featuring extensive product literature and downloadable CAD files. You can also contact our experts to find the right solution to your creative challenges.