• Automatically locks when fully opened, depress lever to release
• Bracket can be used without the need for hinges


Meet EB Series EB-200/EP Heavy Duty Folding Shelf Bracket

From our EB Series of stainless steel folding brackets, the EB-200/EP Stainless Steel Folding Bracket is a heavy duty folding shelf bracket with a lot to offer:

  • Grade 304 stainless steel construction for durability in corrosive environments.
  • Automatically clicks into place when raised into the open position.
  • Easily and safely lowers by depressing the release lever.
  • Does not require hinges to function 
  • NSF compliant for use in food service applications.
  • Precision engineering for smooth performance with a premium feel.
  • Optional damper unit (Model No. EBD) for soft-close operation sold separately.

This heavy duty wall shelf bracket is one of the bestselling  folding brackets and continues Sugatsune’s hallmark of excellent hardware solutions that meet the needs of,woodworkers, project engineers, contractors, and other professionals.

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Make More Out of Your Space

The EB-200/EP heavy duty folding shelf bracket expands the possibility and presentation of virtually any space that uses it:

  • Make tight spaces more usable and functional.
    Examples: Use for dorm and efficiency room folding desks, extra workspace in utility rooms, or as marine table brackets for interior use on boats.
  • Make workspaces more efficient and versatile.
    Examples: Provide temporary spillover counter space or shelf storage as needed.
  • Make any space cleaner and more aesthetic.
    Examples: Streamline studio floors with modular work surfaces. Extend desks or tables when in heavy use, and minimize their footprint otherwise.

Support Heavy Loads

The EB-200/EP heavy duty folding shelf bracket provides premium performance while supporting heavy loads. The specific maximum load capacity depends on how deep the shelf or folding table is, and where on the shelf the load is centered:

  • Up to 198 lbs. per shelf (including the shelf itself) for loads above the P2 point (where the bracket ends).
  • Up to 385 lbs. per shelf (including the shelf itself) for loads centered at the P1 point (directly above the bracket support arm).

The high load capacity of this heavy duty wall shelf bracket ensures that its applications are not artificially limited by weak construction—which lets you deliver maximum versatility for the end user.

Note: The safe load capacity of the EB-200/EP heavy duty folding shelf bracket may be lower in situations involving non-level use or sudden external movement, e.g., if you use these brackets in trains or airplanes, or as marine table brackets. Make sure to account for potential instances of additional torque.

Other EB Series Models Available

The EB-200/EP heavy duty wall shelf bracket has a fully extended length of 199.5 mm (7-55/64”), and is 29 mm (1-9/64”) thick.

It also comes in black as the EB-200/EP-BL and has two larger sizes available as well:

Bare Steel Black Finish
EB-303/EP EB-303/EP-BL
EB-317/EP EB-317/EP-BL

Stainless Steel Makes the Difference

The EB-200/EP heavy duty folding shelf bracket features grade 304 stainless steel, which in addition to its tremendous strength makes this hardware corrosion-resistant and safe to use in environments where it will be exposed to water.

You can use these versatile brackets indoors, in storage sheds and unheated garages, or directly outside. You can even use them indoors in watercraft as marine table brackets—but direct saltwater exposure is not recommended.

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Weight 330 g
Dimensions 28.5 × 29 × 116 mm
Load Capacity (kg)

175 (P1), 90 (P2)

Load Capacity (lbs)

198 (P2), 385 (P1)

Overall Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Weight (g)
199.5 mm 29 mm 116 mm 330 g


Component Material Finish
Main Body 304 Stainless Steel
Plate Spring 304 Stainless Steel
Rivet 304 Stainless Steel

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