Sugatsune Lift-Assist Hinge (HG-PA300-15)

This powerful Sugatsune lift-assist hinge (Product No. HG-PA300-15) is built to help users lift heavy lids with ease and prevent them from slamming shut. With 15 Nm of power assist torque available, this component is well-suited to serve as a residential, commercial, or industrial lift-assist hinge.

This Sugatsune lift-assist hinge features a high-quality steel spring and stainless steel hinge body and is precision-engineered for long service life and superior performance for the end user.


HG-PA300-15 Hinge Technical Details

  • Designed for top-opening / upward-opening lids and doors.
  • 15 Nm (153 kgf-cm) of torque.
  • Can be opened to 100 degrees.
  • Peak torque at 60 to 80 degrees.
  • 430 grade stainless steel hinge body.
  • Steel spring is SWO grade.
  • Features a plastic cover for a clean, neutral appearance.

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Weight 3400 g
Dimensions 278 × 180 × 63 mm
Overall Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Weight (g)


Component Material Finish
Main Body 430 Stainless Steel Plain
Arm 430 Stainless Steel Plain
Cover Plastic (PBT) Light Grey
Slider Plastic (POM) White
Spring Steel (SWO) Plain

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