Round Key Is User Friendly for Hard-to-Reach Locks

The critical feature of the 7110-24-DN high-security round lock is its round stem key. Typically, the user must hold a key at the proper angle for it to fit into the slot, so that the teeth of the key point upward (or sometimes downward). With this round key design, however, the key orientation doesn’t matter.

This is important in situations where the lock is hard to reach (e.g., high up, low to the ground, or in a nook where the user can’t see clearly because something is in the way. In these circumstances, the user may not be able to orient a key easily, which wastes time and can also be a safety hazard.

With this round key cylinder lock, these problems are avoided and the key slips right into the keyhole without trouble.

Works How You Need It To

You can install this round lock on drawers, swinging doors, showcase displays, or security / safe cabinet doors.

In addition, the lock is non-handed, so you don’t have to worry about ordering a different hardware model depending on whether your cabinet door swings left or right.

Highly Versatile & Convenient

  • Each cylinder lock comes with 3 keys, a counterplate, and wood screws for installation.
  • Up to 500,000 key changes are available.
  • Master keying is available by special order.

Designed with Security in Mind

The 7110-24-DN round lock is built to protect sensitive materials from crimes of opportunity. This design makes it very difficult for employees, customers, and passersby to breach its security.

Deter & Slow Down Thieves

  • The round key cylinder lock design is difficult and time-consuming to pick.
  • The round stem dimple key is difficult to duplicate.

Can Be Keyed Different or Alike

  • Specify “keyed different” when ordering if you want each lock to require its own unique key. This adds security.
  • Specify “keyed different” if you want multiple locks to work with the same key. This adds convenience.

• Round stem dimple key is difficult to duplicate, and the
cylinder lock is difficult to pick, adding additional security.
• Key can be easily inserted into the lock at any angle.
• Lock is non-handed, and can be installed on cabinet
drawers, swinging doors, display cases, or cabinets
for safes.
• Includes 3 keys, counterplate and wood screws for
• Specify keyed alike or different when ordering.
• Maximum 500,000 key changes available.
• Master keying options available by special order.


Find Superior Hardware for Your Cabinets at Sugatsune

The 7110-24-DN round key cylinder lock offers simplicity, durability, and security in a small, elegant package. It’s just one of the over 6,000 pieces in our inventory designed to improve spaces through accessibility, aesthetics, and performance.

For more questions on this high-security round lock, or for assistance in finding other parts for your project, contact our US-based technical support team!


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