A Gold-Plated, Secure Display Cabinet Lock for the Finest Glass Showcases (GS-GL50-GP)

Our Super Rim Lock Series features high-end offerings for glass door cam locks on showcase cabinets. This gold-plated display cabinet lock (GS-GL50-GP) offers everything you want and need from an upscale glass showcase lock. Chrome and black finish versions are also available.

For full design integration and a harmonious look, we have designed the GS-GL50-GP to be used together with a matching glass pivot hinge (GS-GH50-GP).


Flexibility & Convenience for You

This display cabinet lock offers up to 3 million key changes and has a master key option which allows for up to 3,000 key changes, and up to two key number changes before you’ll need to replace the cylinder. This makes key changes just about as easy and economical as they come. Installation is also optimized for speed and convenience, with only a single hole needing to be drilled.

The keys in the GS-GL50-GP display cabinet lock are dimple type and reversible, and the key can be removed even when unlocked.

Good Looks, Safe Keeping

For security, this glass showcase lock uses a thick stainless steel deadbolt.

Aesthetically, this lock is clean, minimalistic, and modern. The cover conceals the keyhole and can be used as a door handle. The design also serves as a doorstop to absorb rough handling with less risk to the glass. The set also comes with shatterproof film.

Get the Perfect Locks for Your Best Showcase Cabinets

Our Super Rim Lock Series GS-GL50-GP glass showcase display cabinet lock is just about the best you’ll find. There are not many better ways to secure your showcases!

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Weight 600 g
Dimensions 48 × 45 × 161.4 mm
RoHS Status

Not Compliant

Overall Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Weight (g)
48 mm 45 mm 161.4 mm 600g


Component Material Finish
Slide Cover Zinc Alloy 24k Gold Plated
Face Plate Zinc Alloy 24k Gold Plated
Cylinder Brass 24k Gold Plated
Case Lock Zinc Alloy 24k Gold Plated
Dead Bolt Stainless Steel Plain
Back Plate Zinc Alloy Nickel
Nut Brass Nickel
Packing Chloroprene Rubber Black
Strike Plate Zinc Alloy 24k Gold Plated
Strike Plate Rubber EPDM Black




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