Specialty Door Hinges

Heavy-Duty Industrial Lift-off Door Hinges

Sugatsune offers stainless steel lift-off hinges and heavy-duty flag hinges.  Our specialty lift-off door hinge for example, offers a max load capacity of 1,080 lbs per pair.  For industrial applications, this means security and durability.  We also feature NSF certified hinges that are designed to support heavy doors.  Hence making them a great solution for food preparation equipment.  Two hinges can hold a door weighing up to 198 lbs.  We also feature a heavy-duty cleanroom lift-off hinge. This hinge is guaranteed for durability. Pasing 200,000 cycle tests, it is designed to hold up to 220 lbs per pair of hinges.

High-Quality Products you can Trust

Whether you are designing manufacturing equipment, facilities or cleanrooms, Sugatsune has a large selection of high-quality hardware solutions.  Including specialized stainless steel lift-off hinges that are NSF certified. Making them popular for food prep and processing equipment. And with our heavy-duty flag hinges, 1,000 lbs doors are no problem.

Specialty Hardware Since 1930

Since 1930, Sugatsune has been a trusted source for precision-engineered hardware solutions. From architectural and furniture hardware to industrial components for industries including food, medical equipment, transportation, and aerospace, you can find the right solution to build your creations. Sugatsune America is AS9120 B and ISO9001;2015 certified and distributes unique products that create convenience and satisfaction for people.

Explore heavy duty lift-off hinges, flag hinges, and over 6,000 products available in the United States.  Please consult our digital resources, featuring extensive product literature and downloadable CAD files.  Or contact our experts to find the right solution to your creative challenges.