Handles, Pulls, & Knobs for Cabinets & Furniture

Everyone appreciates that handles should facilitate easy access to spaces. However, many need to recognize the significant aesthetic value they wield. Whether creating or remodeling an interior space, or designing industrial equipment, you will likely need handles. The style of your cabinets, doors, and other elements in the room will guide your choice of handle. 

Pull handles continue to be a popular choice for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Sugatsune’s high-quality stainless steel creates visually appealing, long-lasting, and functional pulls. Our recessed pulls are set back into panels, yielding a clean, flush look. It is this concealed design that distinguishes them from other pulls. It also makes them perfect for sliding doors, retail showcases or industrial equipment since they allow panels to slide past each other without obstructing the protruding handles. Also, the recess makes these pulls less prone to accidental damage from falling objects or excessive force. 

We also offer edge pulls to give your drawers, closets, and cabinets a modern minimalist look. As the name suggests, these pulls are installed on the edges of cabinets or drawers. They are drilled at the top or back of whatever they are meant to open, providing you a lip to hold onto when the drawer is entirely closed. 

Our collection of hatch and ring pulls affords you further control of your designs. The recessed and folding handles ensure a flat surface, minimizing accidental collisions. It also makes them ideal for trapdoors on floors and since many of our hatch and ring pulls are made from 304 and 316 grade stainless steel, they are perfect for marine, aerospace and outdoor applications.. 

Why Choose Our Pulls?

All our pulls and handles are available in several colors and sizes, allowing you to choose the most appropriate match. Most are made from stainless steel making them optimal for usage in corrosive environments and many of them are NSF certified for usage in food services. Pick designs and colors that complement your interior decor from our wide selection. Give your cabinetry, furniture, or industrial equipment a distinctive look and set it apart. 

Trust Sugatsune to get you functional solutions with innovative pull handles for your next project.

Our Selection of Pull Handles

Whatever you envision for your space, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect design within our selection of pull handles. Explore our edge pulls in various shapes, widths, and finishes from 304 stainless steel to brass. We also feature aerospace, marine-grade hatch and ring pulls, and recessed pulls. Here is a list of the different pull handles we presently stock at our American warehouse:


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Sugatsune has been a trusted source worldwide for precision-engineered original hardware solutions since 1930. From residential and commercial architectural and furniture hardware to industrial components for food, medical equipment, transportation, and aerospace, you can find the right and unique solution to help build and show off your creations. Sugatsune America is AS9120 B and ISO 9001:2015 certified and provides over 6,000 unique hardware solutions with a mission to deliver convenience and satisfaction to people.

Please consult our resources to learn more about our line-up of pull handles, including our recessed pulls, hatch pulls, and ring pulls. They feature product literature and downloadable CAD files. You can also contact our experts for the right solutions to your creative challenges.