Shop with Sugatsune America

Since 1930, Sugatsune has been a trusted provider of market-leading hardware solutions. We develop commercial and residential hardware as well as industrial component hardware suitable for numerous industries, including aerospace, food, transportation, and medical equipment. Sugatsune America is also AS9120 B and ISO 9001:2015 certified and distributes unique hardware including NSF Certified products for the satisfaction and convenience of consumers. 

Our US distribution centers stock over 6,000 unique Sugatsune products tailored to your needs . Every product on our American website is available locally, allowing us to deliver quickly. Visit our digital resources to explore our entire product line.

The Sugatsune Difference

Rigorous research and development 

Over 25% of our global resources are dedicated to research and development which is why Sugatsune introduces a wide array of new products annually. These products follow a deep R&D process that aims to create niche parts that other organizations don’t have the scale or capacity to produce. Sugatsune America develops products that serve a unique purpose, look good, and supports the Universal Design concept.

Quality and Durability

Sugatsune has a strong reputation in the US for producing high-quality stainless steel products. In Particular, we use Stainless Steel 304 and marine grade 316. SS 304 offers good corrosion resistance, strength, easy maintenance, and formability. We also specialize in marine grade 316 affords you all these benefits plus enhanced corrosion resistance due to the molybdenum alloy incorporated in it..

Even our products made from other materials like steel, aluminum and plastic are developed and tested to excellent quality standards. Our product development team constantly researches ways of ensuring Sugatsune products not only bring joy to users but will last a long time.

Compliance and Compatibility

Sugatsune America , Inc. is AS9120B: ISO 9001 certified with products that are ROHS compliant and a line-up of products that are NSF Certified. When you shop with us, you receive hardware that meets industry standards and codes, guaranteeing safe and compliant projects. 

Also, our products come in different designs and colors to suit diverse tastes. If our ready parts are incompatible with your structural and architectural elements, our team is always open to working with you to create custom hardware that fits your design. 

Expert Guidance

Architecture and engineering are intricate, and you may only sometimes know the proper hardware. At Sugatsune, we have highly knowledgeable customer service teams. They will guide you through our different offerings and help you select the perfect match for the job. Get in touch with us today!