Metal-Detectable Silicone Rubber Grommets for Cables Used in Food Production Enclosures

Keep safety and performance front-and-center, and utilize the right technology for your food production, packaging, and preparation activities.

Our MPG-16 Metal-Detectable Silicone Rubber Grommets are compliant with the Food Sanitation Act for use in food machinery, both at production facilities and in commercial spaces.

These cable grommets are designed to safely allow cables to pass through food machine enclosures without causing damage to the cable itself or to the enclosure. They can be used as sheet metal grommets, or in food-grade plastic, wood, or other materials.



The MPG-16 has a total diameter of 29/32″ (23 mm), and a pass-through / joint-cutting diameter of 7/16″ (11 mm). It is a lightweight 2 grams, and is sold in boxes of 200 or cartons of 800.

We also have two larger sizes available, which weigh a little more and are sold with fewer grommets per box/carton:

Metal-Detectable Design

These silicone rubber grommets contain traces of metal powder, which make them visible to metal detectors. This is a critical safety requirement to prevent food contamination by metallic objects—for instance, if the grommet should ever come off and be released into the flow of food.

By adding metal powder, we can use silicone rubber as a construction material, which offers significantly better performance in both hot and cold environments.

Additional Design Features

In addition to being metal-detectable, these food-safe sheet metal grommets feature a number of other safety and performance design attributes:

  • High Visibility Color: These silicone rubber grommets are colored blue for maximum visibility, increasing safety.
  • Large Operating Temperature Range: The grommets are suitable for use from 14°F to 230°F (-10ºC to 110ºC)
  • Compliant with the Food Sanitation Act: As mentioned, these grommets are suitable for use in a variety of food production, preparation, and packaging applications at both commercial and industrial scales.

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Weight 2 g
RoHS Status

RoHS 2


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