Drain Spouts

Countertop Trash Chute Funnels for Liquid Waste

Control liquid waste disposal hygienically and efficiently with our countertop trash chute funnels. Already common in Europe and Japan, these countertop drain devices are now catching on in North America for their usefulness at waste management in food service settings.

When customers improperly discard their unwanted beverages, soups, and other liquids, it can make waste disposal and cleanup much more time-consuming, as well as ruin recyclables and even pose public health risks. By providing a waste slot specifically for liquids, supported by appropriate signage, food service managers can streamline operations with these simple spouts.

We offer a selection of different funnel sizes and shapes to meet your needs.


FacetWp Door Max. Thickness (mm)
Max. Door Thickness (mm)
Bar Diameter (mm)
Load Capacity (kg)
Glass Thickness (mm)
Load Capacity (kgf)
Center to Center Length (mm)
Load Capacity (lbs)
Magnetic Force (lbs)
Holding Force (lbs)
Retaining Force (lbs)
Push In Force (lbs)
Door Max Height (inch)
Door Min. Height (inch)
Door Max. Weight (lbs)
Door Min. Height (inch)
Door Max. Weight (lbs)
Door Max. Width (inch)
Door Min. Width (inch)
Door Min. Thickness (inch)
Door Max Torque (lb-in)
Door Min Torque (lb-in)
Load Capacity (lbs/pair)
Load Range (lbs/pr)
Handle Depth (inches)
Damper Torque (lbs-in)
Torque Variation (lbs-in)
Positive Catch
Positive Lock
Positive Stop
Soft Close
For Drywall
Undermount Hook
Multi-Prong Hook
Million Lock
Master Keying Availability

Featuring Stainless Steel Construction

All of our countertop trash chute funnels are made of Grade 304 stainless steel. This material provides multiple benefits:

  • Easy to clean and won’t accumulate filth.
  • Resists rusting and will last longer.
  • Signals to customers (with the help of signage) that this countertop drain is for their liquid trash.
  • Looks high-quality and contributes to an overall appearance of cleanliness and professionalism.

Funnel Design Advantages

Using a funnel shape for liquid waste disposal helps control mess and limit misuse. Because most trash won’t fit through the small bottom, customers understand that this is not for their regular trash. And because of the funnel’s limited capacity, customers must take more care to dispose of their drinks, reducing splashes and spills.

Easily Attach Tubing

Another advantage of the countertop trash chute funnel shape is that all of our models are designed to be able to attach to tubing of the appropriate diameter. This way, food service managers can exert even more control over the liquid waste disposal process.

Many Settings Benefit from a Countertop Drain

Designed with food service in mind, these funnels are suited to any self-serve setting, including fast food, fast-casual, cafeterias, food courts, and food halls.

Some people even use them in their private home kitchens, e.g., for conveniently collecting cooking oil waste for later disposal.

These countertop funnels have also begun to find borrowed uses in other industries—wherever it would be convenient to dispose of liquid waste through a spout in the countertop. Examples include everything from commercial kitchens to mall kiosks; institutional settings such as health clinics and classrooms; and industrial spaces including manufacturing facilities, workshops, and mechanic garages.

Find More Sanitary Solutions by Sugatsune

Our countertop trash chute funnels are just one of many hardware components Sugatsune America has created to streamline food service applications and similar workflows. We offer hundreds of products, from solid waste and linen chute doors to ventilation covers and grates.

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Since 1930, Sugatsune has been a trusted leader in the hardware space for generations. Our commitment to high quality, precision engineering, and a superior experience for the end user are what keep us strong in an ever-changing industry. From countertop trash chute funnels to door hinges, let us help you find the parts to elevate your project.